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Prices continue to rise above the ICO farther than many foresaw, can this be a new beginning for alt coins? Since the release of the 808 coin which has had much success by recently hitting the 1,000 satoshi price mark on Cryptopia Aug 30th, the development behind the team has significantly grown over time and they have shared further plans & goals with the community growing faster than most alt coin’s to date. Old & newcomer’s should definitely take a look at what the 808 has to offer, only so little support is required to take it to greater height’s. Phase 1 has been a success, phase 2 has already shown us high prices, let’s see what the 808 continues to offer.

The team behind Sprouts coin was a group from Hunan, China near the Zhanjiajie mountain ranges. Many months have gone by since the release of Sprouts coin which was a method to provide income for their travel’s as well as the community whom followed. After many miles they landed in California still developing but with a newly acquired team, plans were in development of the 808 coin as another method to return home and support previous community members once again. The TR-Roland 808 was one of the few toy’s the developer had so in tribute of that he made the 808 coin which also correlates with Chinese culture by honoring the number 8 which has much meaning such as strong intuition and insight. European culture’s fell in love with the Sprout’s currency & 808 is loved even more. Two groups that were willing to collide and support each other while looking to partner with other multi-million dollar corporations in order to guarantee higher profits then Sprouts ever could. They look to further their business and continue development even as they return, a plan to build their very own building in Hunan was desired to conclude success over the years.

A new road map was recently created for the 808 coin on August 19th giving the community a better outlook towards the goals they wish to achieve. Distribution and giveaways were core for the 808 coin but now it will also rely on user uploaded beats to receive 808 coins and also a Spotlight from their very own sound cloud since recent partnership. Total supply has gone up significantly as stakes are high hitting over 3 million total coins. The word is getting out for the 808, its growth has been proven as they receive over 200 plus retweets each through giveaways which are still live and a total of 1500 follows since release. Numbers haven’t been this high for a community following since Doge Coin and that currency proved anything is possible with a growing support base.

This currency is growing rapidly, even faster than Sprout’s which continues to gain buy support by the day. It’s even fair to say that a majority of alt coin’s out there are simply not fair. However Mr. Eggman & his team have been honest from the start while creating a fun & fair currency, the community that has grown with it has now spread a positive outlook throughout and many look to help newcomer’s who have questions or issues. Comparison to bitcoin isn’t needed but 808 can however continue that legacy with its lower supply while also growing substantially over time. No better time than now to purchase 808 and enjoy it’s high stake’s. Anyone looking to join into the 808 community should take a look into their twitter which is currently offering free coins in Appreciation of the 808 by replying with your very own wallet address, a great way to start. Free 808 Coins!


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