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Lescovex launches a platform for the issuance of smart contracts and exchange criptoassests with the largest number of fiat currencies


This week has launched its platform for issuing smart contracts and exchanging cryptocurrencies that combines the largest number of fiat pairs in the blockchain ecosystem.

The sector of cryptocurrencies and the application of the blockchain in the field of the technological industry, is here to stay. An example of this is the increase in the number of ideas, projects and companies related to this technology that have emerged in recent years.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, there are all types of cryptoassets that are distributed worldwide through ICOs, exchanges and all types of airdrops. The world seems to be finally tokenized, and in Lescovex they have already designed a platform capable of adapting to this transition.

Fiat & Crypto

In Lescovex users can exchange the main cryptoassets with fiat currencies such as EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, CHF, SEK or RON, from a professional interface, simple and intuitive.

Smart contracts issuance

Lescovex is not content with being just a simple cryptocurrency exchange house, but also aims to be a reference platform where SMEs and people without advanced knowledge in blockchain technology can create their own financial products.

The platform incorporates multiple models of easy-to-use intelligent contracts: Contracts for the issuance of tokens or cryptocurrencies, Smart Tenancy Contracts (STC) for the distribution of benefits or smart contracts to create the Crypto Investment Fund (CIF).

50% of the profits will go to LSCX holders

Thanks to the LSCX smart contract, the owners of this token receive 50% of the profits generated by trading in the cryptocurrency exchange. This way the platform wants to promote the growth and active involvement of their community.

Lescovex DEX

Lescovex allows trading in a traditional or decentralized way, this is thanks to the Lescovex DEX, its desktop DAPP where users can issue contracts and exchange tokens in a decentralized way. At the same time, the app works as a token wallet with the advantage of being able to recharge a MasterCard card linked to your wallet that can be used at any POS store.

Security and regulations

The main priority of Lescovex is to offer a professional and quality service with strong levels of security and 24/7 user support that guarantees the best user experience for all the services of its platform. The objective is to comply with all the quality standards necessary to acquire the regulatory licenses of each region or nation. This is extremely necessary to be able to operate with security and guarantees in any regulatory framework. This will mark a clear advantage that will open the doors to offer a greater number of financial products to its users.

Next steps of Lescovex: more fiat, tokens and expansion in Asia

As indicated on its website, the platform has planned in the coming months to add new fiat pairs to its markets. The following in the list will be the Mexican Peso (MXN) and the Chinese Yuan (CNY) as well as its expansion in Asian countries. At the same time they will open their doors to new blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that request to operate in their markets with all available fiat pairs.

If the last year was the time of the ICOs, this coming year 2019 will be the year that all these projects become services for real use and users of cryptocurrencies will have to choose intelligently the platforms where they operate in a simple, safe and professional way.

Platforms like Lescovex are presented as the new generation exchanges prepared to be the pioneers of this fintech revolution that will radically change our way of understanding the economy in our lives.

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