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Launching The Tokenizer


Norfico is proud to announce the launch of The Tokenizer, the first European news and information platform dedicated to the coming revolution of blockchain based tokenization and security tokens.

Copenhagen, March 5, 2019A new industry of tokenization of real-world assets with a potential multi-trillion Euro value is about to unfold in the US, Europe and Asia. The basic idea of tokenization is, via smart contracts on a blockchain, to create a virtual representation in the form of a transferable token – that is, a piece of computer code – of the property rights to a particular asset. 

The Tokenizer, developed and published by Norfico, wants to be the preferred European go-to news and information platform for anything related to tokenization and the development of a token-driven economy.

“We are thrilled to launch a new platform fully dedicated to observe, comment on and report from the forefront of the rapidly growing industry and movement of tokenization, security tokens and a new token-driven economy. The Tokenizer intends to keep track on major news from all corners of this new, global market, but our main focus will be Europe and the European developments within the industry,” says Michael Juul Rugaard, founding partner of Norfico and Editor in Chief of The Tokenizer.

The belief of the new token industry is that higher liquidity in combination with never-before-seen opportunities of fractional ownership within many types of asset classes, further development of stablecoin platforms, and the ability to raise loans against your assets without intervention of costly middlemen, will eventually spark a new blockchain based economic growth and a democratisation of investment opportunities all over the world. The promise of tokenization and security tokens is basically to free up and activate huge amounts of illiquid assets worth trillions of Euros.

“The crypto revolution is just before our eyes, and the new mega-trend of security tokens is likely to boost the development more than anything we have seen since the first development of bitcoin and blockchain technology itself,” says Norfico partner and Deputy Editor Kristian T. Sørensen.

Besides news and analysis of the tokenization industry, The Tokenizer will also feature an overview of relevant industry events as well as a tracker of Security Token Offerings (STOs). Access to all the content on The Tokenizer will be free, and the economy of the platform will be based on sponsorships, advertisements and initial investments from Norfico. The team behind The Tokenizer is based in Copenhagen.

“The Tokenizer will be under constant development as we go along. We will update the platform daily, and we have lots of ideas for content and services that will be added in the coming months. Our ambition is to develop a high-quality product that will be the leading publication within its field in Europe,” says Michal Juul Rugaard.

Visit The Tokenizer here:

For more information, please contact:

Michael Juul Rugaard, Editor in Chief
[email protected] +45 93 99 38 83

Kristian T. Sørensen
[email protected] + 45 26 25 20 65

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