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Latium Microtasking Blockchain Platform announces Token Pre-sale opening July 24th


Latium is the world’s first decentralized microtasking platform. This Ethereum based, peer-to-peer network will allow people looking to have tasks completed to connect directly with those willing to complete the work. Payment for tasks completed on the system will be credited in realtime using the Ethereum Blockchain. The Latium ERC20 token will be the established form of payment on the platform, which will create intrinsic value for token holders as the coins will be purchased by employers in order to create new tasks in the system.

Traditionally, microtasking and freelance platforms have used fiat currency to facilitate the purchasing of labor. Some recognizable names in this sphere such as Fiverr  and Freelancer provide similar services, but are often beset with problems regarding user disputes, high fees, and incomplete work. Using proprietary credit algorithms and the revolutionary Ethereum blockchain and Latium also avoids unresponsive employers and employees, fake jobs, and unpaid work. Users will communicate directly – with no interference from a third party – which streamlines the tasking process. A more efficient process using Ethereum technology means quick, complete work will receive a speedy and justified reward.

Not a newcomer in crypto

Latium is not a newcomer in the crypto panorama. The Latium classic coin was launched back in May 2014 as the first viral cryptocurrency. Based on a pure PoS reward system the initial distribution was done via a big airdrop, almost a new concept at that time, with a small amount per each user but spread across a large number of people. That wise distribution created a large user base for the currency. The first 1,000,000 Latium coins were distributed to over 100,000 individual wallet holders. This balanced distribution makes Latium one of the most evenly distributed cryptocurrency coin in circulation.

The Latium team decided to open up the Latium Token Sale early for Latium Classic (LATC) holders in order to reward them for their initial support of our project. Latium Classic holders will have an early entry period during which they can trade their Latium Classic for Latium Tokens at a 1 to 1 rate.

For a limit period of time the team is running a Twitter promo campaign on the official website, where new users can secure some free coins via an quick social media task.

Token distribution information

The Pre-Sale period of the Latium Token Sale will be open on Monday, July 24th at 1 pm CST. This is your opportunity to purchase Latium Ethereum tokens at a discounted rate. You must first purchase Latium Classic during the Pre-Sale period which will then be exchanged for Latium Ethereum Tokens during Phase 1.

  • Pre-Sale Period: You will be able to purchase 150 Latium Classic for 1 ETH. Twitter marketing to earn Latium Classic will end. This period offers a 33% discount to subsequent Latium Token purchases. (1 ETH = 150 Latium Classic). This period will last until there are 4.5 million Latium Classic in circulation.
  • Phase 1: This period is for Latium Classic holders only. Latium Ethereum tokens will be available for purchase at a rate of 1 to 1. (1 Latium Classic = 1 Latium Ethereum Token). This means any Latium Classic you have earned via Twitter marketing or purchased during the presale can be exchanged at a 1 to 1 ratio. Phase 1 will last for 1 week or until 2.5 million Latium Ethereum Tokens are in circulation.
  • Phase 2: Once the Token Sale is open to the public, Latium Ethereum Tokens will be available for purchase. You may purchase 100 Latium Tokens for 1 Ethereum until 7.5 million tokens have been sold.
  • Phase 3: After 7.5 million Tokens have been sold, the remaining 2.5 million tokens will be available for sale using Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Latium Classic. A period of 2 weeks will be given for this pool sale. At the end of the pool sale all 2.5 million coins will be distributed based on the percentage of the pool you contributed.

More information about the project can be found on the official website or on the official forum threads on BitcoinTalk and BitcoinGarden.

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