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KYC.LEGAL and Qurrex to Collaborate on Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange


KYC.LEGAL and Qurrex have announced their strategic partnership on a project to create a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. KYC.LEGAL, a leading blockchain-based user verification platform, has agreed to bring its revolutionary KYC/AML compliant user verification capabilities to the project, ensuring enhanced security and increasing the confidence of professional stock exchange players in the solution. The new generation exchange will dovetail the best features of traditional exchanges with the advantages of a decentralized system, by including the institutional centralized infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges such as NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE as a node within a decentralized blockchain protocol. Qurrex is in the process of developing this secure, high-performance trading platform, which is currently available as a test version of the terminal.

As the cryptoeconomy continues to grow and develop, the issues of identity verification and KYC/AML compliance are coming to the forefront. As a leader in this area, KYC.LEGAL was the clear choice to lend its expertise to the new platform. KYC.LEGAL’s app, which offers two levels of user verification, is already up and running and available on Google Play and App Store. Its know-your-customer, anti-money laundering and fraud prevention solutions for the blockchain community will guarantee the safety and transparency of the new trading terminal. This will go a long way toward solving one of the major obstacles to the merger of the traditional economy with the cryptoeconomy, the lack of trust in the latter by established traditional players.

The KYC.LEGAL team has already shown its ability to quickly adapt its offerings to meet the needs of various industries. A good example is its cooperation with the Mesto delivery company. KYC.LEGAL quickly realized that its users needed both verification services, and a service to deliver their documents. To fill this niche, it partnered with the Mesto delivery company to provide courier services. Pursuant to the agreement, Mesto’s couriers agreed to deliver documents from verified users to various institutions including banks, insurance companies, and others in major cities throughout the world. Cooperation with Qurrex is another great opportunity to show the flexibility and pertinence of its services.

“As the world moves closer to recognizing and embracing crypto technologies, the need for closer cooperation between traditional areas of business and the cryptoeconomy is becoming apparent,” muses KYC.LEGAL founder Daniil Rausov. “We feel that the Qurrex platform is a giant step in this direction, and are very happy to have the opportunity to help take the platform to the next level.”

Qurrex began work on the first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange in November 2016. The remarkable emergence of cryptocurrencies over the past year has attracted the attention of institutional players and brokers to the industry. The platform conceived by Qurrex is being constructed to handle the increase in demand from traditional market professionals. Utilizing the best of both traditional and blockchain exchange platforms, it offers high-performance, user-friendly trading. The new trading terminal is currently being updated with expanded functionality, but the public will have the opportunity to test out the terminal in January 2018. The Qurrex team believes that its project will become a major gateway for professional institutional stock exchange participants to join the crypto economy.

“We are thrilled to team up with KYC.LEGAL, a company that shares our vision of the future. Our new intuitive hybrid platform, with decentralized and centralized elements, will bring palpable advantages and results to market participants. We understand the importance of creating a safe system, and with KYC.LEGAL delivering its digital identity services, all transactions on the platform will be secure and transparent,” said Qurrex CEO Matthijs Johan Lek.

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