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Koles Coin News, 31 Aug 2016 Episode


In this release: The theme of US Government auction continues. Unknown bidder bought 2 thousand 7 hundred bitcoins at an auction held by the US Marshals Service. The worth of the lot was 1 million 5 hundred 80 thousand US dollars. In total, only five registered bidders sought to claim the 2 thousand 7 hundred Bitcoin block. According to the, The turnout was lower than observed in the most recent USMS auction, which took place last November. In that event, 44,000 BTC (worth $14.6m) was auctioned to 11 bidders. Crypto expansion in walking on all around the globe. The United Kindom. Financial Conduct Authority considers bringing blockchain startups to the country…

More news in this release: The UK’s FCA is considering the approval of a 40 startups that use blockchain technology within the fintech industry, according to the Christopher Woolard, the FCA’s director of strategy and competition, said: “We do think blockchain has got some potentially interesting applications. There may be areas where we might want to encourage it a bit.” Japan. 15 banks united in a blockchain consortium, network of which is working on the Ripple technology. Consortium of 15 Japanese banks will work in a network based on Ripple’s technology for payments and settlement, which will enable round-the-clock settlement at a significant savings to banks and consumers. This setup makes fees for banks about 90% less. According to the, 15 inaugural members will increase the size of the consortium to 30 banks and that the new service will go live in spring of 2017. Republic of South Africa. Central Bank is “open” to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, according to new statements from its governor. Lesetja Kganyago indicated that the South African Reserve Bank is exploring the technology and interested in innovations that may stem from its development. According to the, governor said: “As a central bank, we are open to innovations despite the different opinions of regulators on matters such as cryptocurrencies. We are willing to consider the merits and risks of blockchain technology and other distributed ledgers.” Russia. The largest bank plans to join blockchain consortium. Moscow government is going to explore blockchain voting. Meeting on the state level for blockchain discussion. Russian central bank creates blockchain Consortium for a comprehensive study of the technology and its possibilities. German Gref, head of Sberbank of Russia, said the largest bank in the country would participate in the consortium. That time Moscow government revealed plans to investigate applications of blockchain technology, according to the Deputy Head of the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) of Moscow Andrey Belozerov said that the agency is now exploring how to apply blockchain to various use cases, including voting fraud. The meeting, dedicated to the discussion about blockchain technology was held in the Administration of the president. According to the, Chairman of Artem Tolkachev noted that the lack of friendly legislative and regulatory approach of government agencies that oversee the financial sector in Russia, deter market players. A big question is the legality of cryptocurrencies, currently – the possibility to be protected from fraudsters on the juridical level. Steptoe and Johnson law firm included multidisciplinary blockchain practice. IBM, multinational technology company, is going to launch one of the largest blockchain implementations in the world. IBM is also behind one of the largest implementations of Blockchain in the commercial sphere. According to the, IBM Global Financing is expected to use a Blockchain solution to address disputes in the financing arm of the company and free up tied capital, thus leading to more efficiencies. The creators of Syscoin have announced the establishment of Blockchain Foundry, a company focused on the development of various merchant-focused platforms. According to the, using the well-established infrastructure of Syscoin and its blockchain network, the Blockchain Foundry development team will soon launch Blockmarket, the world’s first blockchain based e-commerce platform, which be immediately available on the Azure Marketplace. Netherlands-based international money transfer service and Bitcoin debit cards provider, Bitwala, has revealed a number of new features to its platform. According to the, The company has added the privacy-focused Dash and the social network token, Steem, to its list of accepted Altcoins. On the other front, Bitwala first released a messenger web app allowing users to send money over chat.

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