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Koles Coin News, 27 Mar 2017 Episode


In this release: Maine Senate issued a bill on establishing a commission for exploring blockchain technology and for using it with paper ballots during elections. According to this document, “commission will study a potential using of blockchain technology for supporting and expanding of the current voting bulletins system in Maine”…

The commission is supposed to increase the safety of the ballot papers, to make elections clearer and to reduce expenses.

Blockchain platform to be used in South Korea as well. This country followed the US example and integrated blockchain into its election system.

Coinstack platform established by Blocko blockchain software company was used while voting for social projects in terms of Ddabok Community Support Project in Gyeonggi-do Province. In developers’ opinion, such a technology was firstly used on this scale. Officials are sure about good results of blockchain using. As they say, the technology is the fourth industrial revolution which is supposed to change the world like smartphones did it.

Joining for the future. The largest companies of Iran established an Alliance to speed up the communication between Iranian government and innovating companies. Answering an offer made 3 months ago by Central Bank of Iran (CBI), financial corporations of the country launched FinTech Corporation. Its object is joining industrial players. Participants of Association believe that it will help innovators to boost their relations with regulatory bodies. As Nasser Hakimi, director of CBI’s IT Department stated in his interview for Iranian news website, FinTech companies were suggested to create a platform that could help to identify challenges for fintech industry and find solutions for them.

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