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Koles Coin News, 19 Dec 2016 Episode


In this release: No prohibit for individuals or companies from using cryptocurrencies. The Russian Federal Tax Service has published a letter on measures to control cryptocurrency circulation and exchange. reports, the Federal Tax Service of Russia considers that operations with the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency should be treated as transactions with foreign currencies. MasterCard, an American multinational financial services corporation, is actively working with blockchain technology. S Bureau of the registration of patents and trademarks, published four patent applications by MasterCard, associated with the use of blockchain technology…

The applications focus on methods and systems for authorizing, processing and securing blockchain-based transactions, with MasterCard arguing that a combination of blockchain and its existing payment technology could be a boon for those making digital payments. reports, it still doesn’t clarify if or how soon MasterCard plans to use Blockchain technology in its payments processing.

Santander InnoVentures, the FinTech venture capital fund of Santander Group, announced its latest portfolio investment in Tradeshift, a leading business commerce and supply chain finance platform based in San Francisco. According to the, Tradeshift, used by such companies as DHL, Zurich Insurance Group and National Health Service, boasted a 250 percent growth rate in 2015 for its procure-to-pay capabilities, faster payments services and predictable cash flow solutions. The Santander InnoVentures investment will be used to further broaden Tradeshift’s capabilities, fuel the development of its platform and grow the ecosystem surrounding its B2B marketplace.

Electrum, the bitcoin wallet, has announced the launch of its client to the Linux distribution ‘Fedora’. reports, the new bitcoin wallet will enable users to send and receive bitcoins. The fast, secure and easy to use Electrum can be installed on Fedora 25. After installing, users must start the application that will be followed by a startup wizard. Electrum’s key features include safety, where the private keys of the users are securely encrypted that never leaves the computer. The Electrum installing on Fedora you can find on In the search of problem solving. Coinbase, ether exchange startup together with Bitcoin is seeking a patent for a security system forming part of a bitcoin host computer, according to the Coinbase submitted the application in May of 2015, with software engineers Andrew Alness and James Hudon listed as inventors, and explained it: “Existing systems do not provide a solution for maintaining security over private keys while still allowing the users to checkout on a merchant page and making payments using their wallets.”

Mine cryptocurrencies via TV set-top box. BlockCDNs, a blockchain-powered CDN trading platform, has announced a new design for a miner that uses your TV set-top box to general digital currency. reports: the whole system has been designed for ease of use, and there are just 3 simple steps to set-up. The plug-in is currently limited to Android TV set-top boxes but there are plans to expand quickly to other platforms. Tony Long, CEO at BlockCDN has answered our questions about blockchain-powered CDN trading platform. Bitcoin companies organize a special event with the Christmas holidays.

Two of Poland’s top cryptocurrency exchange are hosting a Bitcoin fundraiser. According to the, both BitBay and Bitcantor will co-host the Christmas holidays fundraiser for the Tęcza Child Care Home in Katowice. Buying the children there some toys, stuffed animals, and giving them a Christmas to never forget is all made possible with Bitcoin. Helping children using cryptocurrency. E-Dinar Coin launches the December charity auction – while buying E-dinar Coin until the 30th of December, 5% of the sum will be transferred to the charitable help to children’s homes in Pakistan. The purpose of the action is to add a fabulous pre-Christmas mood for children.

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