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KarmaToken, The Currency of Good Karma Society


KarmaToken was recently launched last Nov. 02, 2016, it is a new crypto-currency with a very unique approach to gain new Blockchain technology users.

While many new crypto-currencies are emphasizing their advance technology with being anonymous and “smart contract” capabilities, KarmaToken on the other hand is focusing on being as simple, easy to use and transparent as possible. These qualities are deemed by KarmaToken leaders to be essential to the Good Karma Society’s ultimate goal of teaching children, teenagers and the massively growing mobile users around the world on the use and potentials of Blockchain technology to ultimately make them better and adept crypto-currency users.

A minimum of 4,600,000 KarmaTokens is planned to be distributed for free to a selected Counterparty assets holders this coming December 3-9, 2016, giveaways are slated too for Indiesquare mobile wallet users and to the planned mobile App users which will soon be developed by Good Karma Society. For interest protection, the App’s specifics and nature is being withheld for the moment.

Even the conceptualization of KarmaToken was brought about by the noble intention of saving the almost extinct but wonderful community that supported the scryptbased X11 KARMA before, by providing them an easy path of transition. Karma has been faced by many insurmountable issues; like the absence of an active software developer, market stagnation that hit an all time low of 0.0000003 LTC, an annoying hardcoded limitation of 99M send, and a bug of continuously producing 10,000 coins every minute, indefinitely. A poll was recently conducted to this end and the response was a landslide of “yes” for the migration option. As a result all holders of scrypt-based Karma has been given 12 weeks of chance in getting their own KarmaToken in exchange to their old Karma, ending on January 07, 2017.

Good Karma Society has plans to launch a non-profit Foundation in France, which will become the agency of the said society to handle its humanitarian effort projects, the foundation will extend assistance in financial and other basic human needs on a society selected basis. Donors and beneficiaries of the said foundation will also be introduced to the Blockchain technology thru teaching and giving them some free tokens to start with.

Therefore KarmaToken will have an assured wide distribution, recognition and use. All KarmaToken holders will also be eligible to receive a quarterly Bitcoin bonus starting March 31, 2017, from a portion of the Good Karma Society’s for profit projects earnings. If you are interested to be a part of its growing society, you can visit the the official website and their official threads on BitcoinTalk and BitcoinGarden forums.


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