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July 26-27 Singapore hosted Satoshi United BlockChain Conference


Blockchain enthusiasts who love exploring ideas & networking with stalwarts of the industry now have a platform, which is informative but also entertaining. Satoshi United is one of a kind; blockchain & cryptocurrency conference, which operates with a next-generation mindset that wants to do business differently. They started with a phenomenal initiative, a conference event bringing together investors, innovators, business leaders, and the blockchain community to benefit from the creative revolution fostered by blockchain.

The conference featured over 20 speakers, representing multiple industries & countries. Over 750 participants attended the event to discuss the application of Blockchain in the financial world, in the energy sector, as well as for E-governance and E-education.

Satoshi United was spread across 2 days. The first day was devoted to the following:

  • Keynote speeches by leading speakers from around the world
  • Discussion panels covering the most relevant topics
  • Breaks for networking over coffee & lunch
  • Question & Answer sessions
  • The award ceremony for achievers & start-ups
  • Entertainment acts by world-class illusionist & dance performance

On the second day, the networking & idea interaction kicked into high gear with:

Beach Side Networking Party: A networking initiative that gives an opportunity for attendees to unwind & explore possibilities with blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies while keeping the ambiance casual. The informal setting allowed for the spontaneous exchange of information. Attendees got to pick the brains of panelists & keynote speakers about every nuance of their perception & ideas about the blockchain industry.

Investors Lunch: Next up in the schedule was investor’s lunch, where all the big shots at the conference got together to exclusively discuss the possibilities of investment in ideas & innovations. Major projects that were based on imaginative concepts but needed funding to propagate got considered & deliberated in detail before some major decisions to financially back the projects were taken. Investors & innovators walked away with foundations of collaborative relationships.

Yacht Party: As the final act of the ‘unconference’, The Yacht party acted as the final blowout. All the movers & shakers at the conference got together & embarked upon the waters relish each others company & beauty of Singapore beaches. During the party, business connections were established for cross-country joint ventures. Also, professional expertise & consulting abilities of individuals came to the forefront.

The event was a great success in setting up a new trend of conducting a conference with a casual setting. This kind of initiative attracts a lot of attention from the generation Z. The kind of response generated by the first ‘Satoshi United Unconference’ has paved the way for a similar future event. Organizing committee has already started finalizing the dates & venue for their next event which is sure to bring together more minds & ideas around blockchain & cryptocurrencies.

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