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Jetcoin: First Blockchain Application Accepted as Sponsorship Payment for Serie A Football Club


Moving forward in the world of sports and entertainment, Jetcoin Institute is pleased to announce a partnership/sponsorship with Serie A Club Hellas Verona F.C. Jetcoin, leveraging on blockchain technology, is the new digital fuel for the world of sports and entertainment. Hellas Verona F.C. is the first professional football club to accept jetcoins as payment for club sponsorship. This new partnership enables the development and implementation of Jetcoin’s tech applications that will take fan engagement to the next level. First on its timeline of tech solutions will be the unique membership rewards mechanism, to be developed specifically for Hellas Verona football fans.

“Hellas Verona is excited to be part of this collaboration of implementing cutting-edge blockchain technology states Giovanni Gardini, general manager of Hellas Verona F.C. “After weeks of strategic discussions with Jetcoin, we have full confidence in their solutions and that is why we are accepting jetcoins as payment for club sponsorship.”

The deal includes brand visibility on the official Hellas Verona jersey, within the M. Bentegodi stadium, interview backdrops, training camp, official coaches, website, magazine amongst others. Part of the agreement is also to have Hellas Verona’s sport director selecting the next Jetcoin Champion during Hellas Verona’s upcoming Asia Tour in May 2016, organized by the Jetcoin Institute. Hellas Verona has expressed their commitment to support both Jetcoin solutions and their dedication to developing Jetcoin Champions to their maximum potential.

“We’re pleased that Hellas Verona has selected Jetcoin to be their digital partner,” says Jetcoin CEO, Eric Alexandre. “They have the sixth largest football fan base in Italy and I’m confident this collaboration will bring a new level of excitement and engagement for Hellas Verona fans. Hellas Verona understands very well the need to implement new tech solutions to bring unique value propositions to their digital fanbase.”

Currently jetcoins are sold at USD 0.05/JET at the official Jetcoin website.

About Jetcoin: Top sponsor of Serie A football team, Hellas Verona, ‘jetcoin’ is a new digital fuel issued by the Jetcoin Institute. It gives fans and supporters in the world of sports and entertainment a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the success of their favorite athletes and stars, both financially and also through unique lifestyle experiences such as seat upgrades, access to VIP boxes, exclusive events, behind-the-scenes and/or after-parties etc. Jetcoin Institute continues to work with partner teams, brands and service providers to offer exclusive deals to jetcoin holders.

About Hellas Verona F.C.: Founded in 1903, Hellas Verona Football Club is a professional Italian football club, based in Verona, Veneto. The team won the Serie A Championship in 1984–1985 and currently play in Serie A, the top tier of the Italian professional football league competition.


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