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Jetcoin Featured in English Premier League Matches


Blockchain-powered sports and entertainment platform Jetcoin Institute has tied up with Lagardère Sports Group to market its brand during 13 English Premier League matches.

Jetcoin’s logo and website will be featured on perimeter banners during 13 EPL matches, amongst which are exciting matches like ones between Arsenal and Swansea City and between Everton and Leicester City.

This is Jetcoin’s first foray into one of the world’s premier sporting events that is watched and loved by millions of fans around the world. The EPL is the highest grosser amongst all European football leagues with earnings of around 6 billion euros during the 2016-17 season. With a total aggregate match day attendance of 13.62 million and a global TV audience of 12 million per game, this means that Jetcoin will receive an expected on-screen duration of more than 100 hours and more than 700 million global impressions.

Jetcoin Institute is leveraging its previous partnership with Sportfive, one of the largest sports agencies in the world, which has been acquired by media giant Lagardère Group. The partnership enables Jetcoin Institute to explore collaborations within the Lagardère network of top European clubs and star athletes. Continuing in its global talent search, Jetcoin Institute is also in talks with major English football clubs to collaborate in their search for the next Jetcoin Champions.

About Jetcoin

Jetcoin Institute is a unique blockchain-powered platform that aims to revolutionize the sports and entertainment industry by bringing celebrities and fans closer like never before. Fans can become active participants in their chosen talent’s meteoric rise to the top and stand to gain from the windfall in the process. Through the use of its own crypto token JET, individuals can participate in a historic occasion where they can choose promising talents from the pool of “Jetcoin Champions” and buy a portion of their image rights. When the talents mature in their career, the value of their image rights increase. This translates into rewards for the fans that backed the talents in the first place. In this way, fans become active participants in the success of their talents. Visit




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