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Jetcoin Announces Strategic Partnership with Lala World Targeting Emerging Markets


Singapore, 11th June, 2018Blockchain-powered sports and entertainment platform, Jetcoin Institute is proud to announce a strategic partnership with alternative financial ecosystem, Lala World, to unearth exciting new talent in emerging markets.

Jetcoin Institute has created a blockchain-powered platform that aims to disrupt traditional celebrity-fan relationship by making fans active participants in the success stories of their chosen emerging talents. Through the Jetcoin platform, anyone can actively contribute to transform a promising talent into tomorrow’s super star and benefit from the windfall in the process.

Lala World’s blockchain-powered alternative financial ecosystem aims to bring more than 2 billion unbanked and un(der)served people of the world into the financial mainstream through the crypto revolution. With Lala World currently focusing on emerging markets in South-East Asia and Africa, regions where Jetcoin is conducting upcoming talent searches, the anticipated combined synergies has resulted in an exciting strategic partnership between the two companies.

Speaking on the occasion, Lala World CEO, Sankalp Shangari states, “We are very excited with this partnership as it allows the unbanked and migrants a chance into powerful sports like soccer and cricket – something of a religion for them.

Eric Alexandre, CEO of Jetcoin Institute, adds that he is extremely thrilled with this partnership and the exciting opportunities it will present. He continues, “This partnership with Lala World is important to us to gain access to the emerging markets of Asia and Africa. Talent is all-pervasive but opportunity is not. We wish to be the platform to provide these opportunities to talented individuals throughout the world.”

About Jetcoin

Jetcoin Institute is a unique platform that aims to revolutionize the sports and entertainment industry by bringing celebrities and fans closer like never before. Fans can become active participants in their chosen talent’s meteoric rise to the top and stand to gain from the windfall in the process. To know more about how the Jetcoin platform works and to participate in a truly remarkable and democratic platform where talented individuals can become globally renowned, visit us at

About LALA World

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Singapore, LALA World is an established and fast growing Asian technology company dealing in social business, with a presence in 5 countries and over 100 global partners including government agencies and NGOs. LALA World’s vision is simple — to touch 100 million lives by 2020 and bring financial services to the disadvantaged around the world. To know more about LALA World, visit

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