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Jack Dorsey Leaves Twitter For Crypto: Does the Blockchain Scene Have the Most Promise?


The recent news about Jack Dorsey stepping down as the head of Twitter in order to pursue other ventures in the world of blockchain is something that has potentially massive connotations, and the impact that this could have on the blockchain sector is huge.

After Jack’s recent move, a vast number of people who never even considered getting involved within the blockchain stratosphere have now begun to reconsider their decision, and many people are now beginning to realise the potential that blockchain has.

Moreover, if you happen to be amongst the people mentioned in the aforementioned group, then you have stumbled across the perfect article to help inform you on this situation.

In this article, we will be talking about the recent ordeal surrounding Jack Dorsey stepping down from Twitter in order to pursue a career in blockchain, as well as taking a look at exactly how much promise blockchain has going into the future.

Unexplored Potential

Even though blockchain is a relatively new technology, there are already an endless list of uses that it has taken too

In reality, blockchain is revolutionary, and there are few innovations out there that have been able to have such a massive impact as blockchain.

Knowing this, it makes complete sense for Jack Dorsey to try and get involved within this industry in the early stages, and this is just due to the fact that blockchain has extraordinary potential for growth.

There are already countless industries that have decided to implement blockchain into some or all sectors of business, and more and more people are beginning to realise just how useful it is.

Because of this, getting in early is essential, and the sooner someone opts to get involved, the more potential there is for growth and profit.

If you think everything we have said up to this point is pure speculation or opinion, then you are in for a rude awakening.

Blockchain is transforming industries everywhere, and it is almost guaranteed that blockchain will pave the way to the future. 

The Path To The Future

When it comes to discussing the future of blockchain, it would be an understatement to say things are looking bright.

Gone are the times when people would just associate blockchain with questions like where to buy Bitcoin, and it is no longer viewed as just a means to an end.

Blockchain can improve a plethora of aspects of business dramatically, and with the right funding and support, blockchain will be able to put humanity farther forward on the timeline.

As you would expect, this is something that sounds extremely enticing to people who want to play a part in the progress of humanity, and it is highly likely that Jack Dorsey wanted to become a part of the previously mentioned group.

Everyone wants to feel like they are doing something worthwhile/making an impact on the world, and when it comes to choosing between a revolutionary technology that can change the world or manning the helm of a gossip social media, it becomes obvious to see that the former may be able to provide much more meaning.

Of course, that all goes without mentioning the fact that getting involved with blockchain early is likely going to be an incredibly lucrative endeavour, and it would be ignorant to assume that this was not one of the factors Jack had in mind when making his decision.

However, this reason is likely to be secondary rather than primary, as it is more than reasonable to assume that Jack was fairing more than okay while acting as the head of Twitter.

A Change In Scenery

One potential reason for why Jack Dorsey decided to leave Twitter in order to get on board with blockchain is simply due to the fact that he wanted to.

Doing one thing for an extended period of time is something that will become boring for the vast majority of people, and Jack is certainly no exception to this rule.

It is highly likely that Blockchain is an area that Jack is heavily interested in, and in reality, he may just want his time to be spent working on something he is intrigued by.

This may not be the most exciting of points, and it is one that very few other media outlets tend to shine a light on. However, Jack Dorsey is just a regular human like everyone else, and if he just wanted a change of scenery, then who can blame him.

Overall, the unexplored potential that lies within the depths of blockchain is something that is well worth your time, and it is no wonder that the CEO of Twitter deemed it a better career path than his previous trajectory.

The fact that Jack Dorsey was willing to make such a bold move right in the public eye just goes to show his confidence in the endeavour, and if he were not sure whether or not this was the right decision, there were a million other ways that this ordeal could have been handled much more discreetly. 

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