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It All Starts With A Dream


Satoshi Nakamoto, created Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology with a dream that they would be used as the better financial instruments for conducting business and governance. They were meant to improve our way of life.

When used properly, Blockchain technology has a lot of good potentials and uses. Sadly crypto-currency space is rife with mis-use, failures and outright scams. A sad picture of a very good tool used in the worst possible way. Often the human factor is to blame.

Good Karma Society (GKS) hopes to be the positive side of things. It will build on the good technology that Satoshi Nakamoto built and continue on the dream of its good uses. A little step at a time. From concept to concrete projects.

The GKS is hardly a month old and it already resolved the many troubles that the old Karma (X11) community struggled with for sometime now. We are just starting on making many good dreams come true. We invite you to get involved and make a difference.

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