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Is it possible to find reliable Bitcoin casinos for Canadian?


It is true that Canadian gamblers are among the most technically advanced gamblers in the world. They are open to new things, are eager to check out technological novelties (including the online gambling niche), and of course they are willing to maximize their winnings by making bets in cryptocurrency. However, are there even safe and secure Bitcoin casino Canada sites out there? Are there reliable and respectable websites that can be trusted with someone’s money?

In fact, there are, and Canadian gamblers can find the most reliable parlours for real money betting; they can find these parlours even faster if they use listings at CasinosHunter platform.

Are online casinos allowed in Canada?

Let’s start with the basics – are casinos for real money legal in Canada? Well, if you want all the laws and nuances on gambling legislation of Canada explained to you, go to CasinosHunter and check out the guidelines. Here, we will look at the most general rules.

The main reason why so many Canadian gamblers are so passionate about casino gambling is because they are legally free to make real money bets and play any online betting games on any betting platforms, where they are accepted as customers. Canadian government allows its citizens to pursue online gambling activities at betting sites operated from anywhere but actually Canada. In Canada, only land based betting houses are allowed, and even respectable offline betting operators are not generally allowed to run online platforms.

As a result, the state does not block any foreign betting sites that accept Canadians, and does not prevent locals from making real money bets. The only possible limitation is that some local Canadian banks do not allow transactions to and from online casinos, considering those sites unreliable.

Are online casinos safe?

But aren’t online parlours unreliable, someone may ask? Partially, Canadian banks may be right, because there are many scammy, fraudulent, or just poorly protected betting websites that want to accept people’s money, but do not take effort to protect these people’s sensitive data and funds.

However, there are also many reliable, respectable online betting sites that have been around for decades, have been tested with time and thousands of players from all over the world, including Canadian players.

In order to play only at reliable, secure parlours, gamblers should research the betting sites and read reviews when possible. Such platforms like CasinosHunter take great effort to explore the niche, and provide clear, detailed, comprehensive, and unbiased reviews on different online parlours. It is always safer to make bets at a casino recommended by CasinosHunter, than just on a random site that pops out when you google “online casino Canada”.

Moreover, the players can take additional measures to protect themselves, and this includes betting in Bitcoins.

Why is gambling with Bitcoin beneficial?

Many gambling experts believe that, in fact, online casino gambling and Bitcoin (as well as many other cryptocurrencies) are created for each other. Gambling with Bitcoin is beneficial, because transactions to and from e-wallets are not regulated by the Canadian banks, and therefore they cannot be suspended or blocked. Next, transactions in BTC are safe and secure, and are hard to hack and reverse or transform. And eventually, BTC, as other digital currencies, gives more freedom in payments. This is why so many online parlours for Canada start accepting Bitcoin for deposits and bets.

How to find a reliable BTC online casino in Canada?

Okay, online casinos can be safe, and Bitcoin gambling can be beneficial. But how to find a reliable BTC casino for Canadian players?

Firstly, all gamblers should read reviews and feedback on their preferred betting site in the web. Objective and detailed reviews like those made by CasinosHunter are extremely helpful in avoiding low quality sites, and choosing among the most reliable ones.

Secondly, all gamblers should explore every real money betting website they stumble across, before they register an account with it. The following aspects are to be checked:

  • license, certifications, legal info on operator
  • available banking options, deposit and withdrawal rules
  • games, software providers, bonuses

Final thoughts

Checking an online casino’s playing conditions and online reputation can be both complicated and time-consuming, this is why many passionate gamblers fail to do that and risk their sensitive data. However, gambling with BTC at safe, secure, and reliable web parlours is real, and online casino reviews for Canada by CasinosHunter will help with that.

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