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February 19 was the launch of the ICO for the Hamster Marketplace, the first decentralized trading platform offering gadgets and niche electronics. Hamster Marketplace gives novice and local producers a way to sell niche electronics to a hungry market without a single middleman.

Hamster Marketplace will open the niche electronics market to thousands of vendors around the world who cannot afford to sell through current platforms. It will allow millions of buyers to find one-of-a-kind products and buy them without a middleman’s markup. The marketplace will be run by the producers themselves.

Given the difficult situation on the cryptocurrency market, a great alternative to cryptocurrencies is the purchase of tokens for projects that have already launched their ICOs or that are approaching their main round of token sales. One such project is Hamster Marketplace, a project to create a decentralized trading platform for indie manufacturers of gadgets and electronics. Unlike the projects of a year ago, Hamster Marketplace is supported not just by promises of “income from the token exchange rate” and hazy plans for the future, but by its reserve of experienced developers and managers, and by its own niche that no one has fully occupied. This is a fully-fledged, mature project that was created not under the “nursery” conditions of the novelty of tokens as a tool, but under fierce competition.

Hamster Marketplace meets all the current requirements applied to ongoing crowdsales by industry specialists. For example, because of the competition and wariness of potential token buyers, the platform’s creators are taking serious measures to protect the exchange rate of their “coin.” Among the more significant are measures to freeze a portion of the tokens held by early investors who joined the project under special terms, bounty hunters, and the team itself, until the public beta version is released nine months after fundraising concludes. In addition, the team is very strict in its adherence to timelines for the launch of the project’s alpha and beta versions, because they are the defining factors in the success of the entire undertaking.

You can find all the details on the official Hamster Marketplace website and in the project’s White Paper.

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