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Invaderverse: The Next Big Thing in GameFi


GameFi typically refers to the dynamic combination of gaming and decentralized finance. This innovation has given rise to an array of projects seeking to raise the bar for players and investors alike. In particular,  GameFi project Invaderverse has set out on a quest to build the first hybrid GameFi combining P2E games, DeFi, NFTs, and open-world sandbox in one place.  

Invaderverse has an existing play-to-earn ecosystem in Bitcrush Arcade – a DeFi protocol to merge Defi concepts with iGaming. Players can already start playing games to win prizes, earn crypto, and build their own virtual world in the metaverse.

Why is Invaderverse Attracting So Much Attention?

Invaderverse brings an entire universe of P2E games, DeFi, NFTs, and open-world sandbox in one place. Some of the best features of the Invaderverse include:


Who doesn’t want to play games while earning? N.I.C.E. Invaders (Nice Invaders Crush Everything) is a collaborative cross-chain P2E game aiming to bridge the crypto world and gaming gap. Players will choose from over 100 planets to inhabit and collaborate by staking $CRUSH to mine $NICE.

As an invader, you’ll need to work together to recruit players, build resources, and level up to increase your mining potential. You can also attack other planets to steal their resources by staking $CRUSH. Moreover, planets will need to team up and attack resource-consuming Black Hodles to prevent them from becoming too powerful and destroying the universe.

The P2E mini-game format is perfect for those who like to game but don’t want to make expensive purchases to level up their characters only to receive marginal payouts.


There are two main currencies inside the Invaderverse ecosystem: CRUSH and NICE. $CRUSH is the share token players earn for their wager activity within the Crush Planet. Users accumulate $CRUSH by playing the P2E game. $NICE is the platform’s game currency used to reward stakers, pay for transactions, and buy back $CRUSH to be burned. After accruing enough $CRUSH tokens, you can start earning crypto passively. As a member of the Invaderverse community, you can stake your earned $CRUSH to mine $NICE and boost your P2E earnings. 


Mad NICE NFTs is a unique collection of 8,888 Invaders that provides holders the key to purchase NFTs to unlock in-game characters within the Invaderverse. Once unlocked, the holder will have a unique NFT that corresponds with their game character in terms of traits, rarity, and characteristics. You can sell each character independently for real-world currency or hold both NFTs in the same wallet and earn staking rewards. 

That is impressive, but it doesn’t end there. As a member of Invaderverse, you can seamlessly move your NFT character to another game without losing your reputation, levels, or bonus points. This is possible thanks to the innovative hybrid Live Wallet feature and Crushed NFT functionality on the blockchain. All you have to do is burn your character and re-mint it to transfer the character to another game.

Aside from the Invader NFTs, the Invaderverse team will be releasing special Emperor” characters to be used in the game. An exclusive collection of 100 Emperor NFTs will be minted, representing the 100 planets inside the Invaderverse. Emperors are necessary for a planet to start producing $NICE. Because only a limited supply of Emperor characters are minted, they will truly be scarce, and as the project increases in popularity, they will become coveted items.

Holders of Emperor NFTs will be able to resell the characters, compete in auctions, and mint their own open-world planet alongside other privileges. Emperors can also play aspects from every other character, and decide the flow of $NICE for every player on their planets. Because the NFT can be used within the P2E game, you have an advantage in the game, which can ultimately play in your favor when earning rewards.

Open World Sandbox

Crush Planet is an open-world sandbox game that aims to provide an immersive experience that ripples out into the real world. The goal is to create a metaverse that will help launch creative endeavors in the real world using metaverse assets like NFTs and DAOs. Users will be able to sell real estate and build on the Crush Planet. It will also feature various districts that cater to specific themes and environments.

As an added incentive, Crush Planet holders will earn rewards for holding real estate and building and contributing to growing the Invaderverse world.

Why Should I join Invaderverse?

Invaderverse is a hybrid GameFi, DeFi, and NFTs project that allows players, investors, HODLers to earn crypto while playing games across chains. Its unique concept of “Play to Enjoy to Earn” keeps players actively engaged in gameplay and not just mining for currency, unlike many P2 games. But what makes it so different than many others is that it has a plethora of exciting games, a robust marketing plan, a fantastic team and community, tons of giveaways, and more!

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