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Introducing Dexus Art Vault


Dexus Art was created by a dedicated team of artists to promote digital transformation of the art market and artists’ practices.

Their art curators will discover and carefully select promising artists, theirs works will be obtained, certified and stored as NFT artworks in the Dexus Art vault.

Dexus Art will work with emerging and established artists to obtain art works or even collections and produce certified NFT artworks.

DAVT Token

Dexus Art Vault Token (DAVT) is launched as ERC-20 token on Ethereum blockchain with the total supply of 10 million. DAVT is a governance token and carries the right to vote for:

  • Sell/buy specific NFT artworks
  • Add/remove incentive contracts for DAVT
  • Set the DAVT pool reward rate
  • Change DAVT allocations
  • Upgrade other contracts throughout the system


Dexus Art wants DAVT to have a balanced distribution between Team, Community and Investors while prioritizing the Community.

DAVT distribution:

  • 50% DAVT vault treasury
  • 10% Initial DEX Offering
  • 20% Dexus Core Team
  • 10% Staking Rewards
  • 5% DEXUS Core Team investors
  • 5% Grants

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