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Introducing BitEclipse cryptocurrency broker and exchange


Exchanges are not the only option when it comes to trading cryptocurrency. Yes, you can buy and sell crypto instantly, but an exchange become less viable for higher volume trades. You need a cryptocurrency broker to facilitate your needs.

We are happy to announce the arrival of BitEclipse which was created by a team of Investment Bank/HTF/Hedge Fund traders to facilitate the efficient trade of cryptocurrencies on a global scale, making it accessible to all.

BitEclipse is a new and reliable online broker and exchange platform allowing users to safely perform both online and offline trades. The platform’s main attraction is the familiar and easy-to-use interface that many traders already know how to use and love.

BitEclipse has also added a cryptocurrency broker network, which allows users to trade funds via a dealer network, as opposed to a centralized exchange. This over-the-counter (OTC) market comprise sellers and buyers who individually large pools of crypto, and pair them for sale. The other benefit is that the OTC market helps you to avoid slippage on your purchase and also to earn a discount. With BitEclipse cryptocurrency broker service, you get to enjoy a more flexible, faster and more convenient settlement for all trades.

The platform is built to serve a wider community by offering the choice of trading between multiple assets including Forex, Commodity, Index CFD, and Crypto. It is also available worldwide with active users in multiple countries and to top it all off, there is no limit on how much can be traded. Besides, the fees are highly competitive—provides fast and reliable transactions with minimal fees.

Another promising feature is the 24/7 support team who are on hand to help manage all queries and disputes raised effectively, making the general customer experience nothing short of excellent. BitEclipse platform also focuses on low fees as well as security measures such as escrow protected transactions, and straightforward trading.

The launch of BitEclipse will exhibit a global marketplace that takes care of its users by ensuring an uncomplicated and secure trading environment. Unlike centralized exchanges that supervise and manage the funds and activities of end-users, BitEclipse provides a P2P-based system where cryptocurrency trading is handled personally, and not with a 3rd-party. By doing so, the platform provides a fast trading process, ensuring that users can start trading in only a few minutes after creating their account.

At the core of BitEclipse platform, is the BitEclipse Token (BET). BET is a non-blockchained beneficial token which gives traders & IB affiliators (Introducing Broker) more power or/and right for investment and marketing within the platform. The token can also be utilized as a Margin Fund of trading with BitEclipse. BET will be available for purchase during the initial exchange offering (IEO) sale. If you would like to purchase BET in advance, please register here.

BitEclipse has the goal of providing cryptocurrency trading internationally, making sure that the ‘golden fruit’ is shared by everyone including the unbanked populations across the globe. Considering the financial needs of every individual customer, BitEclipse created one of the leading technology platforms to trade freely and confidently.

Start trading crypto, forex and any other asset with BitEclipse.

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