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Introducing BitCoinTalknShopCoin (BCTS)


Today I’m introducing BitCoinTalknShopCoin. They are new community in the works that will allow many of them to stay in contact without all the FUD! They will also provide a place where users can sell items online for btc, alt-coins, and our own coin. And they will also provide escrow for safe transactions.
The site will be a vBulletin forum with a market system and escrow system coded to allow users to List Items for Buy Now, List Items Wanted, and to List Items for Auction.  This will work a lot like eBay and will have a sophisticated feedback system.  They will give the seller the option of using they own custom escrow system.


They need to raise around 10 BTC (to cover the cost of development of the custom scripts) to make this project a reality. There are 3 options for potential investors to invest into coin and website. They are using a escrow to handle the IPO and he will refund all BTC if the devs do not deliver a finished product that is fully working. 


– 15% (75,000 coins) will be used for contest, promotions and other giveaways at their website
– 15% (75,000 coins) will be distributed to bitcointalk members, irc idlers, and other giveaways
– 20% (100,000 coins) will be distributed to IPO investors
– 50% (250,000 coins) will be staked

Coin specifications:

– Symbol: BCTS
– 500,000 Total Coins
– Pure POS


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