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Introducing Belifex, public blockchain and cryptocurrency project


Belifex Blockchain Solutions is a public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that aims to bring blockchain enthusiasts together to invest in the many products that they offer. Organically grown and boasting a detailed whitepaper and a highly impressive one pager, the Belifex website and community channels offer investors a substantial amount of vital information on why they should stay engaged and actively involved in this exciting project.

Which problem should be solved?

Amongst the vast amounts of cryptocurrency companies; transparency and honesty seem to have fallen down the pecking order as many projects have seen a slump in their own market cap and share prices. Unfortunately, according to many influencers, the crypto community were promised a fruitful 2019, but with slow and unsteady movements of many markets, many are questioning their own investments. Is it time to cash out?

At Belifex, the team are organically growing. This quite simply means, the community is fully involved with its growth and progress. No failed ICO or disappointing IEO, Belifex understands that it is competitive to succeed amongst other projects, but maintains integrity and determination in building solid foundations for a successful blockchain solution for the crypto community without the need for ICO or IEO investments. Instead, it is investing in the most important element – its product.

Can Belifex Solve Your Blockchain Solutions?

Belifex has already developed their own web-based wallet; a digital purse to keep, send and receive your Belifex tokens (BEFX). Customers from all around the world will be able to instantly exchange tokens and even pay merchants for goods within seconds of sending. The potential for the Belifex wallet is huge. It will be key to the success of the project with a number of Korea based firms already enquiring of its availability.

Further to this, Belifex are already very close to releasing their own decentralized exchange, operating on the Ethereum network. On this platform, customers from all over the world will not need to worry about KYC (Know Your Customer) restrictions placed on certain countries. Instead, a worry free investment platform to trade many sought after tokens and coins. Even better, an extremely low transaction fee, meaning more value your money!

Belifex understands that not everyone likes using decentralized exchanges. So with a more personal touch, the team will be rolling out a centralized exchange. With a sign up process, trading views and the same low transaction fees, customers can feel reassured that their assets are safe and secure. The Belifex community can benefit from the whole range of Belifex products by beginning/mid 2020.

Why Invest in Belifex?

With its organic reach, Belifex are proud that they have not engaged in an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) at the beginning of the project. Instead, engaged with many exchanges that were willing to work with the team and offer the BEFX token on their platform.

The focus for 2019 is to expand the community of investors whilst keeping the loyal Belifexians informed of the latest tech updates and developments. They have done just that, staying actively involved in the community, often rewarding the most loyal members with BEFX tokens for their work in spreading positivity around the project. The team have been completely transparent since the beginning and this ‘community first’ approach will only strengthen the project as it moves to its next stage of development, implementation and global distribution. The BEFX token is currently trading on Altilly, Satoexchange, Indoex and many more.

The Team

The development team consists of a large collective of expert engineers and researchers. From CEO to Graphic Design to Community Support, the team stay firm on the belief that Belifex is developing a powerful and genius blockchain solution and seeks to deliver high quality products to the community it serves.

CEO of Belifex is Jimmy Van Nieuwenhuyse, crypto enthusiast, entrepreneur and visionary of this unique project. Jim has a proven track record in the world of cryptocurrency, building previous projects to the heights of the top 100.

CIO Jon Davies has also been involved in many similar projects to Belifex, driving community engagement and interest with many valuable partners that have moved his previous and current projects forward. Working with these co-founders, the team consists of highly skilled personnel, are motivated and relentlessly ambitious in taking this blockchain solution to the global markets.


Belifex certainly has the team, technology and supportive community to make a difference as a blockchain solution. From the solid infrastructure that they are actively working on, to the goals that they want to achieve through their ambitious, yet realistic road map, I see Belifex being a genuine competitor with many other blockchain projects in 2020.

You may also be interested in the most recent tech and community update from the team on Medium.

Join the Belifex community today and begin your investment journey. What are you waiting for?

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