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Interview with Mr Jan Andersen, CEO at Danish crypto exchange CPH


Today Bitcoin Garden interviewed Mr Jan Andersen, Chief Executive Officer at Danish crypto exchange CPH

CPH Crypto is a new Scandinavian cryptocurrency exchange offering a complete range of broker services targeted to active and professional traders. CPH Crypto is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it operates globally, offering the lowest fees in the market. Traders can choose between a fee of 0.04% per trade or an unlimited trading solution with a commission-free fixed monthly fee of only $39. Trader’s coin deposits are all insured. CPH Crypto is owned by the Nasdaq OMX listed A/S (ticker: NPINV), a fintech group, which was founded in Denmark in 2008 and CPH Crypto is registered by the Danish FCA in respect to the EU anti-money laundry directive AMLD5.

Q) Good morning, Mr Andersen. Would you be so kind as to introduce yourself to our readers?

A) Good morning! Sure, my name is Jan Andersen. I am Danish, and I live and work in Copenhagen. I am the co-founder and CEO of the new Scandinavian crypto exchange and broker CPH Crypto. I have been working in the financial industry for almost twenty years now, and for the last ten years, my primary focus has been on trading traditional investment products like stocks and FX.

Q) I see you have a solid background as an entrepreneur in Internet technology and traditional finance. Is cryptocurrency a relatively new sector for you, or have you been following the evolution for some time?

A) I have followed the development of the technology and the market closely for the last 4-5 years, and we have in our roadmap for a long time a goal of entering the crypto market. There is no doubt in my mind that we are at the take-off of a genuine token and blockchain economy revolution right now which might have the same implication as the internet and social media, and after spending many years in the traditional finance and technology industry, I believe it’s time to focus fully on crypto.

Q) How did you come to the point to create CPH Crypto? What is making it different from other exchanges and brokers?

A) The idea gradually arose when we started to compare the traditional stock and FX trading market with crypto trading and rising interest from clients. What we could see was that crypto is perhaps ten to fifteen years behind in terms of fee development and transparency meaning that trading fees in the traditional market used to be much higher than today, but fierce competition over the years drove the fees down to the level we know today. But in the much less mature crypto market, although very developed in terms of technology and innovation, fees and commissions are still ridiculously high in many cases and often very difficult to understand because they consist of several different elements. In fact, it sometimes seems like the fees and products deliberately have been designed to be complex and obscure, and you will find these problems not least on the biggest global crypto trading platforms as well in offshore and specialized brokers.

However, CPH Crypto wants to change that. CPH Crypto wants to shortcut the fee development on crypto and already today offer a simple and transparent fee structure and extremely low fees – 0,04% pr. trade, and only 39$ per month for unlimited numbers of trades and volume. That is why we call CPH Crypto a discount crypto exchange, and on top of this, all our clients’ crypto deposits will be insured, which makes our platform a safe place in case of for instance a hacker attack.

Q) Who is behind Could you tell us something more about the company?

A) CPH Crypto is owned by the Nasdaq OMX listed A/S (ticker: NPINV), a fintech group, which was founded in Denmark in 2008 and is regulated by the Danish FCA.

The CPH Crypto management team has longstanding experience in trading and investment within the regulated financial services industry. CPH Crypto is registered with the Danish FCA according to the anti-money laundering directive AML D5 under §48/1.

Q) OK, one thing is ultra-low trading costs – what other features and exciting stuff is in your plans?

A) We are just about to send out a new announcement on margin trading. As you know, we launched our platform in September with the promise that we would add new products soon. And I am pleased to say that we have managed to keep that promise. So, from now on margin trading 10x on crypto spot is integrated too when trading on our platform. And within the next month, we will have even more product news, so as you can see, the team is working around the clock to make CPH Crypto the most attractive trading platform for active traders not only in terms of low fees but certainly also in terms of the selection of relevant products.

I would also like to add a very important message, that even though we have ultra-low trading costs so traders can manage and monitor their crypto portfolio, strategy and trading performance easily with realtime crypto market prices, we also deliver on the core parameters for traders who execute their trades and strategies in the global crypto market 24/7. We offer a simple and yet powerful trading platform which gives traders access to deep streaming institutional level of liquidity and market depts, realtime quotes, tight spreads and genuine best execution standards alongside a risk management tool. Our cutting-edge LD matching engine ensures speed execution, across multiple crypto coins and fiat pairs with advanced order types including Market and Limit, Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC), Fill-or-Kill (FOK), Day order (DAY), Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC), go long or short with margin trade on 10x leverage on crypto spot.

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