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Interview with George Gor, CEO of news outlet


Bitcoin Garden interviewed a prominent figure in the world blockchain community, George Gor, a professional top-manager and business developer, and co-creator of 2 world brands among Blockchain news outlets – CoinTelegraph and

BG) Mr. Gor, when did you hear about Bitcoin for the first time? Was it love at first sight?

GG) I heard about Bitcoin in 2011 from a client who had come to me with the request of development of his business. He had just passed my training programme for business development. I’ve admired the bright idea of personal money without a national central bank as the issuer, but the real job with projects in the space of Blockchain began a few years later. I’m proud to be one of the pioneers in this area, though I’ve never been an evangelist like Roger Ver, though I’m acquainted with him and consider him one of the best professionals in the industry. Roger even supports the projects of such as this trial of scammers.

BG) How did you come to the point of creating CoinIdol?

GG) It was a hard decision. The main idea was to create something totally different than the other projects on the market in spring 2016.

It was a complex job. I have 20 years in the business of brand creation. That’s how I know that a brand begins from the initial idea.

The idea of the website is a hero, a knight that is a friend of highlander, who lives for hundreds or maybe thousands of years. He has an eternal mission, which is very good and bright, but almost impossible. He wants to find the best ever money, based on the principles of goodness, fairness, and equality. He wants to find the best ever coin in the universe. He wants to find the coin that is ideal for all people. The one that can be respected and admired very much.

This knight is known as CoinIdol, because of that goal. This knight is the witness of other people on the field of events around cutting-edge financial technologies. He founded that media together with our team. His will is the real origin of this project.

BG) What topics does CoinIdol focus on? What are your favorite topics? Which ones are most read and why?

GG) One of our main points is fighting with scammers. Here is a vivid example of how we do that: and the Crypto community knows it. That’s why they believe us more than any other media outlet. They know that we support only trusted partners. You can read about our ethics here:

We cover all the hot topics of the world Blockchain market because we have readers in 174 countries around the world. We can not focus on any country or any problem. The interest of our audience evolves every day.

BG) What makes CoinIdol unique in crypto media? Could you mention your strengths and one weakness?

GG) Our mission is to help the mass adoption of new cutting-edge financial technologies, including Blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That’s why we make our stake the same way as Pepsi-Cola for the next generation. We see how children are born with a PC mounted in the cradle. 🙂 That’s a joke, but only partly.

That’s why our pictures attract the attention of those who love comics more than reading. We want to find the shortest way to explain cutting-edge technology. We will use other means of information transfer. But it’s a secret as to what we will do as our next step.

The weak points can be known only by our readers and competitors, such as CoinDesk, BitcoinMagazine and It’s better to ask Vitalik Buterin or Roger Ver. These guys are among the old comrades of our team.

We improve our business model daily. If you see any weak points, please, send us feedback by email, that we could fix everything for the sake of our readers.

BG) How is CoinIdol organized and what are the plans for the future?

GG) We are a world-decentralised team of people, located in different countries around the world. We have team members in Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa, Europe, Cyprus, Asia, etc.

We have a stable business model. Today, in November 2018 we have 1/3 million monthly pageviews at Coinidol. We plan to grow 20% every month. We plan to have several million readers by 2020.

BG) How do you see the future of online media? And the future of the advertising industry?

GG) Online media is evolving from online newspapers into social media. Professional journalists are dying as a category. We see more bloggers around now. The quality of the texts is going down. But the demand for independent and professional coverage is going up.

Google is tracking all parts of our life. They show us advertising before we know that we need it. This model is the most promising nowadays, but the problem with Google is the absence of flexibility. For example, we have refused to cooperate with the Google Banner Network because they do not permit us to choose the exact target audience that we want to permit at our website. They want to choose instead of us. They can not limit the audience only to Blockchain or FinTech community. Moreover, they do not give us the chance to set the price rates for advertising. It’s like a casino for both sides: the one who buys advertising and the one who sells it. That’s the reason why we don’t place banners from the Google Ads Network at

BG) As an experienced media and brand expert, what suggestion would you give to a youngster looking to take his first steps in the media industry?

GG) Youngster, please, choose something else. There are a lot of business opportunities around you. But if you do dare to move this way, remember the rule: if you don’t have a revenue during your first year, leave the market. One out of ten news outlets does not survive for even a year. Some of the survivors are just existing between life and death for years. You need to have huge experience to succeed this way.

BG) In your opinion which countries and/or communities will drive mass adoption of cryptocurrencies?

The countries that are against the reign of USD. They will develop their own cryptocurrencies and they will support the development of the Blockchain industry in the whole. The other countries will follow them in this process, because we are all on a one-way road of progress. The decentralised world is something that can not be stopped. The more artificial intelligence we have around us, the more demand we have for decentralised computer calculations and storage of information. The blockchain is part of the future. CryptoCurrency is the driver of every new Blockchain. They can not be separated.

GG) Banks and Blockchain. Do you think they are moving in the right direction or are they missing the point?

GG) Banks are not missing the point. They are ignoring the point. They have their own interests in the space of blockchain. They are not interested in the development of a decentralised anonymous world of economic liberty. That’s why they are pumping projects with 100% personal authentication like Ripple, which has an option to cancel transactions retroactively. It’s impossible in Bitcoin. Never ever. That’s why there should stay 2 separate worlds: libertarians around the idea of Bitcoin on one side and government supporters together with the banks, promoting Ripple-like projects with total control from above, on the other side.

BG) Do you think blockchain will revolutionize democracy?

GG) Sure. It will change the system of distribution for goods and power. Artificial intelligence, together with the world decentralised computer network system based on different kinds of Blockchains, will make the decisions. The new system will take the job of decision making from the demos (the real people). Whether this will be a nightmare or just another form of life, we will see during the next 50 years.

We will develop and cover this process with projects under the brand of

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