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Insanecoin relaunched after successful coin swap and rebrand


Initially launched as TrumpInsane on September 2016, Insane Coin went through a community takeover and, after a complete re-branding and coin swap, it has been successfully relaunched with the brand Insane.

The original coin was a parody against Donald J. Trump and his sometimes insane speeches. There was no ICO or Crowdsale, it was born as fully premined coin, with 2% PoS, and went across a free airdrop covering 98% of the total supply, approximately 21M coins.

The founder of the TrumpInsane coin wanted the coin to be a strictly community coin and decided the best course of action would be a re-branding and re-release of the coin under a new name and new team.

“There is no need to make a fussy thread, because the coin is out of my hands into yours and others.” – mountaind, TrumpInsane founder.

So, in late September 2016 a new team took over the coin with a new vision and a road map for executing the new vision. The coin was re-branded from TrumpInsane to Insane and the majority of the coins have been successfully swapped via the Insane Coin website. The remaining un-swapped coins are scheduled to be sent to a public burn address in the near future after a full accounting of the newly formed Insane Coin’s balances have been reconciled.

The new Insane is a X11 PoS coin, ticker $INSANE, with first 14,000 blocks also allowed to be mined via PoW. The PoS parameters for the new coin have been set cleverly; block time is approximately 8 minutes, min stake age is set at 12 hours while max stake age is limited to 120 hours.

In the past couple of weeks Insane gained a listing on two important exchanges, YoBit and NovaExchange and was added to CoinMarketCap as well. At the same time a number of important services have been added to their portfolio, including the PosWallet online wallet and staking service, two faucets and a Blackjack game.


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