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Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform StrongNode Opens Registration for Early Access as it Gears Up for SNE Tokens on Ethereum


The next-generation decentralized networking StrongNode is currently opening registrations for a select few, with only 1,000 spots on a first-come-first-served basis. Users will be able to take part in the decentralized networking system by offering their computational power to industrial and commercial companies where needed and earning SNE tokens in return, creating a win-win situation for all.

Open Registration

StrongNode will be running early access registration for interested people to sign up and reserve a spot and build a basic profile, starting on the 20th April, 2022. Out of the participants, the first 1,000 will be chosen as the founding members of the StrongNode system when it goes live.

This will soon be followed by availability of the SNE token on the Ethereum blockchain. By offering support for Ethereum, SNE and StrongNode will have access to the largest blockchain ecosystem of dApps, smart contracts and other protocols. This means not only will there be an influx of users providing their computing power, but firms and corporations will also have easy access to it.

Symbiotic Relationship for Resources

Computational power, be it RAM, GPU or CPU, is always in demand. Digitization, data management, AI, IoT and all bleeding edge technologies are power-hungry and modern firms cannot live without these resources.

The current solution is to build large servers – essentially huge computers that have powerful memories and hardware to serve the need. In the past few years, the demand for computers and hardware has become high, and the cost has also risen. StrongNode offers a novel solution to the rising cost by creating an Edge network, a global interconnectivity of computers and other devices that share their idle power through the SMART device to firms and corporations that need it.

StrongeNode sees this as a symbiotic relationship between three distinct users:

  • Edge Customers: Helping value exchange between enterprises and individuals as one the latter offers computational power to the former.
  • Edge Innovators: Helping innovators and social impacting services by supporting their computing needs. In turn, these initiatives extend support to Edge Nodes and its outreach.
  • Edge Seeders: individuals who help power the Edge network through seeding nodes and help keep the network alive.

How Does it Work?

Anyone with a smart device that can go online will be able to connect to the network and allocate unused CPU, GPU and RAM power to the network. Firms looking for extra power will have the option to buy the available options and either pay for it in USD or the native SNE tokens. The tokens are then used to pay out the providers.

While computing networking isn’t a new idea, StrongNode stands out due to its fivefold advantage:

  • Resource Optimization: Efficiently channeling and distributing the overall CPU, GPU and RAM to the right places, ensuring optimum consumption.
  • Workflow Automation: A suite of different developer tools, APIs and other automation resources are made available to consumers so that they can automatically add, subtract and handle their requirements with minimum manual intervention.
  • Self-Sustaining: Cheap for consumers and incentivising for providers, the StrongNode is self-sustaining as it offers a better option to all.
  • Scaling: Using the network effect, the more users join, the stronger and secure the network becomes and speed increases too.
  • Innovation Lab: Helping gaming, technology and social impact blockchain ventures accelerate and fast track their footprint in the world.

If you have additional computing power that remains idle, sign up on StrongNode for a chance to make passive earnings by renting out your hardware performance.

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