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“IN MOMS WE TRUST” Global Virtual Summit


250+ Speakers, 100+ Countries, 5 Continents, 3 Days. Topics Include: Blockchain, Digital Assets, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Women in Space Exploration, Global Women’s Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Podcasting, Healing & Wellness

You are cordially invited to join us for this Global Virtual Summit celebrating the voices of women & girls around the world as we discuss new paradigms in reshaping the global digital economy and celebrate the launch of The State of Women Podcast Network in partnership with The State of Women Institute, SHEQONOMI, and Women Investing in Women DIGITAL.

The 3-day event will engage women entrepreneurs & women owned enterprises build bridges for global international trade & commerce

Join them in setting a new global standard for the economic empowerment of women, especially small and large scale women entrepreneurs from leading economies, emerging markets, and industry thought leaders and mavericks leading Post-Pandemic Recovery.

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Global investment into women led companies has reached an all-time low during 2020. We are seeing many innovative ideas come out of developing nations across the globe that deserve more visibility and connectivity with qualified investors and partners who can help them grow and scale. Amplifying Her Voice will serve as a global platform that will bring such stakeholders together from within Women Investing in Women Digital’s virtual tribe to a broader global community of women entrepreneurs, investors, technologies, and industry professionals to accelerate both communication and unprecedented digital connectivity. This Roundtable will be the beginning of a series of conversations where professionals from within the global innovation ecosystem may listen, learn, and share best practices with the global women’s entrepreneurship ecosystem where our global network of women investors and philanthropists will be invited. Your will have the opportunity to share your Call’s to Action from local, regional, and global standpoints that will hopefully be a starting for deeper conversations and partnerships leading to change, investment, impact, and transformation.

About Amplifying Her Voice (May 11-13, 2021): (

For three days starting this International Women’s Day, we held the first Amplifying Her Voice Global Summit. From Fiji to France, Bermuda to Bhutan, South Africa to Sweden; women and men around the world came together as one to celebrate what we’ve overcome together and to discuss how to keep moving the needle. With more than 1,600 attendees and 250 speakers from over 100 countries, we were inspired by the turnout–and the conversation. We hope you’ll join us again this May as we meet to honor mothers and discuss motherhood at our May, “In Moms We Trust” Summit.

From investors and philanthropists to media moguls and CEOs, women are driving change and then driving home to raise families, as they always have. On May 11, 12, and 13, in celebration of Mother’s Day and mothers worldwide, we’re inviting you to join us for the Amplifying Her Voice Mother’s Day “In Moms We Trust” Summit as we listen to, learn from, and lift up the voices of the women raising the next generation.

Hear from experts on finance, psychology, climate activism, health, entrepreneurship, podcasting, investing, and more.

EVERY PAYING IT FORWARD: “Investing in Women” ticket will support 500 women to attend for FREE! We have 100+ countries represented so far and looking forward to having a truly INCLUSIVE event, where we can all learn and grow together. Digital gifts and giveaways be announced to all registrants over the next few weeks! Men are welcome to join us! We never want cost to be prohibitive for any of our events or initiatives. Free tickets will be announced starting May 1. All sessions will be recorded and shared free of charge post event.

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