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HYPE Launches World’s First Consensus-driven Social Tokenomics Experiment


The HYPE Project has launched the world’s first consensus-driven social tokenomics experiment, created to test the crowd’s ability to collectively control the inflation and deflation of a tokenomy.

This free-for-all experiment is currently in its initial distribution (airdrops) phase and users are encouraged to participate in the experiment by voting for the token’s inflationary (staking) and deflationary (burning) rates.

The HYPE token contract, a combination of inflationary and deflationary tokenomic models, incentivizes voters – users who have frozen HYPE tokens – in the form of daily rewards, and burns a portion of the total transferred amounts on all transactions.

Inflationary (freezing rewards) and deflationary (burning) rates are voted monthly by eligible voters – users who have frozen their HYPE tokens – and changes are implemented on the first day of each month. The balance or the imbalance between these two tokenomic models will determine the token’s overall supply and participants will collectively control and experience its impacts.

Voting consensus events are held monthly through the HYPE Dapp (decentralized application) and users are required to install MetaMask – a browser-based wallet for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens.

Official airdrop and giveaway campaigns are actively being held to distribute HYPE tokens to as many participants as possible for better decentralized results.

More information about the HYPE experiment and its airdrop campaigns can be found on:

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