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Hybrid Betting announced Pre-Sale and Crowdsale dates; Beta testing started; Bounty program is live


Hybrid Betting is an Ethereum-based betting game without a mandatory house edge. There are no quotes, no middle man, just competitors that play against each other at the same level. Hybrid Betting token holders possess the currency of the protocol. In Q4 2017, Hybrid Betting published its White Paper on their website.

What is HYB?

HYB is Hybrid Betting’s token, which is created on top of the Ethereum network. It can be purchase with ETH and the Hybrid token will be used as currency for the Hybrid Betting platform and protocol.

The fee is dynamic and fluctuates based off the bet liquidity of every shift, for example, if few users are joining the shift, the fee is lower, compared to a higher fee if many users join the shift.

HYB Token Distribution

The maximum possible token supply is 50,000,000 HYB.

Pre-sale: 8th January 2018 at 8 p.m. UTC — 10th January 2018 at 8 p.m. UTC

    • Min. purchase: 2 ETH
    • Max purchase: 200 ETH

Percentage of all tokens offered via pre-sale: 6% (3,000,000.00 HYB)

Pre-sale Bonuses

  • First day: 3000 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 50%)
  • Second day: 2600 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 30%)

Crowdsale: 10th of January 2018 at 8 p.m. UTC — 10th March 2018 at 8 p.m. UTC

  • Min. purchase: None
  • Max purchase: 200 ETH

51% (25,500,000) of tokens can be purchased during the crowdsale.

Crowdsale Investor Bonuses

  • First day: 2400 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 20%)
  • First week: 2300 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 15%)
  • Second week: 2200 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 10%)
  • Third week: 2100 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 5%)
  • Final week: 2000 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 0%)

Bounty Program

Bounty Program officially started December 9, 2017. 1% of Tokens created are reserved for the Program. Details of the program are available here:

Beta Testing

Hybrid Betting is ready for the beta test of the platform. The beta testing started November 29, 2017. They are offering token based rewards for their beta testers:

  • 1-25 beta testers to join get 2000 HYB for free (worth 1 Ethereum)
  • 26-50 beta testers to join get 1500 HYB for free (worth 0.75 Ethereum)
  • 51-75 beta testers to join get 1000 HYB for free (worth 0.55 Ethereum)
  • 76-100 beta testers to join get 500 HYB for free (worth 0.25 Ethereum)

To become a beta tester just follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Follow @HybridBetting on Twitter and like/share their tweets.
  • Join their HybridBetting channel on Telegram.
  • Register on Hybrid Betting’s web site here.

About The Creator

Emanuele Frisa created Hybrid Betting in 2017. He is a former developer and analyst of Accenture, Italy. He became self-employed in 2010, and now he is focused on financial markets, investments, and trading systems developing. He is an active entrepreneur, with two businesses in Italy.

“Our goal is to rewrite the betting rules. This is not just a kind of P2P betting; we created our own betting game. No bookie, no algos, no odds; just competitors. Hybrid Betting is not just about betting, it is an experiment involving human skills with numbers. We want to create a big network of players and see how the game will evolve with them,” adds Mr. Frisa.

Learn more about Hybrid Betting:
Hybrid Betting’s White Paper:
Contact: Emanuele Frisa, [email protected]

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