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How to Promote Your Business Using Cryptocurrency: 6 Working Tips


Even though the digital currency is being a hot topic in finance sector over the past years, far not every company is ready to accept payments on the blockchain. That’s why accepting crypto payments may become a blue ocean strategy for your business. But still, the word “bitcoin” won’t work by itself, you should take some action to make it become an attractor for new customers. Here are some useful tips which can help you to enlarge your customer base.

Place a Signboard

If you own an offline shop or café the simplest way to attract a crypto audience is to hang a sign «Сryptocurrency accepted here» nearby the entrance. You can make this notification more attractive by adding logos of the most common digital currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.). This not only will attract the local customers but also will be a signal for foreign tourists informing them that here they can do shopping paying no conversion fee.

Get Listed on Merchant Directories

Another accessible way of increasing customer traffic is publishing your company on merchant directories. Such directories are websites which contain lists of places where digital currencies are accepted. It is suitable both for online and offline merchants. Participation is usually free. Here are some of these services:

Add Promotion Banner to Your Website

In case your business is online you can inform web visitors that they have the ability to spend crypto on your goods or services. It may be a small banner in your site’s footer or something more noticeable. For example, a promotional banner on the main page. You can create and use some other tools which can catch the attention of the right customers.

Create Payment Buttons

The next tip for an online business is to add logos of the most recognizable digital currencies to the page with payments information. Customers should know that along with fiat money and the traditional payment system you work with digital assets and blockchain. Logos are usually available on official sites of each currency. For example, you can find the FOIN logo here.   

Become a Newsmaker

This advice is relevant to offline companies, especially small local businesses. Mass media is always on the lookout for newsbreaks so your company may become such a subject. Even more so you are the first to accept crypto in your area or the field. Get in touch with the local press and be noticeable.

Share Content

Don’t forget to inform your audience about accepting cryptocurrency via social media and the blog on your website. There are 3.499 billion active social media users and your potential clients are definitely among them.

Create useful and educational content describing all the advantages of blockchain payments. If you make it engaging enough it may become viral, so more and more potential customers will get to know your company. Plus, use relevant hashtags connected with crypto topics — it will let the community find our profiles.  

If you are still looking for the proper solution for your business, please find out more about FoPay — the payment system for merchants, which allows receiving payments directly from customers without any intermediary. 

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