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How RareMall makes the NFT ecosystem sustainable


RareMall is a revolutionary content creation platform that celebrates talent and creativity while empowering both traders and customers with quick access to the exchanges of top trending NFT items. The platform aims to facilitate meaningful interactions between sellers, inventors, and buyers.

A Seamless NFT Exchange on RareMall

RareMall involves all the NFT stakeholders in a well-built mechanism to resolve the existing challenges, deliver value and enhance engagement. Every stakeholder in the RareMall ecosystem plays a significant role in platform development. The primary stakeholders on the RareMall platform are as follows:

  • Sellers: artists, content creators, brands, traders
  • Buyers: collectors, art lovers, crypto enthusiasts

RareMall offers a seamless exchange experience that NFT creators and buyers can both benefit from. The platform allows artists and creators to create their NFT art simply by connecting a wallet with Artists can either use Binance Chain Wallet or Math Wallet to develop and publish their NFTs easily. With RareMall, creative individuals can freely share their passion, interact and develop the art community by spreading the power of NFTs to all industries and business areas to seize the chances to monetize their creations.

Once the NFT creations are ready, buyers/sellers can quickly execute the transaction with RareMall. As an illustration, two anonymous users, Tim and Cindy, would wish to exchange their NFT without passing through the strenuous and excessive fees. Here, they have two options. They can send the NFT without an identity guarantee of the counterpart or rely on the NFT traders for safety against scams.

While looking for NFTs, Tim falls in love with a game card by Cindy. By simply clicking ‘Buy Now’ at RareMall marketplace, Tim can see the fees involved. He can determine whether the costs are reasonable without the intervene of any middlemen. Once Tim purchases the card, it comes to his wallet in a fraction of a second, while Cindy is paid for her well-deserved artistic talent and services.

In a fast-evolving NFT world, the top-notch NFT marketplace should adapt to the changes and saves priceless time for stakeholders during transactions. Through rigorous research, RareMall introduces the ‘Fast checkout with NFTs bundles’ feature. Users can buy up to 10 NFTs at the same time by adding them to the cart. During checkout, the buyer can link to their wallet once only to pay for all the different sellers effectively.

Engaging and meaningful interactions at Live Auctions

While the straightforward buying and selling procedure applies to all NFTs on RareMall, high-quality and rare content is encouraged to be put on auction. Auctions offer fair competition among purchasers and deliver the best perks to the creators. Sellers can create a public chat group for bidders to participate and make ongoing bids. There will be live auction chats with moderators and algorithms to keep the conversation secure and user-friendly. This feature hastens the exchange, speeds up buying and selling, as well as helps to form a FOMO effect and bring more revenues to all stakeholders.


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