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How Is Bitcoin Impacting Online Casinos?


Bitcoin is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency movement that has innovated in numerous industries. While still a relatively nascent form of transaction, Bitcoin has been adopted widely. Not least in the online casino world, where a new revolution is underway and leading to the so-called Bitcoin casino.

It is worth noting that the online casino industry has been an early and long-time adopter of crypto. However, the sector is now increasingly embracing virtual currency exclusively. Certainly, when heading to a casino online, users can now often choose to handle transactions in Bitcoin.

Importantly, the online casino industry was one of the first to wake up to growing user demand for BTC payments. That said, few imagined the sector would adapt so quickly. So much so, there are now fully-fledged bitcoin casinos available.

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What’s a Bitcoin Casino?

Many online gamers may still be unfamiliar with the Bitcoin casino. Essentially, this is like a traditional online casino, but it only accepts BTC as a transaction currency. So, we now have a traditional online casino that allows Bitcoin as one form of payment and a Bitcoin casino that only accepts Bitcoin:

  • Online casino that supports Bitcoin – Customers can make a deposit using BTC on their casino account, but it will be converted into a hard currency (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.).
  • Bitcoin casino – Customers can deposit BTC into their online casino account and they will play with the cryptocurrency. All transactions, including winnings are handled in Bitcoin.

Why are Bitcoin Casinos Available?

Online casino developers have created specific venues for people who value cryptocurrency. Firstly, companies have done this to hopefully create a new market and so far, the signs are good. Secondly, Bitcoin casinos offer the same benefits many people value in BTC, while retaining all the benefits of a normal online casino.

So, when you visit a BTC casino, you can still play all the casino classic games you love, such as slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette. However, with digital currency as the sole transaction value, these casinos have some distinct advantages:

  • Perfect for people who already love BTC and use it as their day-to-day currency for services.
  • Much more privacy because BTC is decentralized. No banking authorities can influence transactions or take a cut of any deposits or winnings.
  • Added security because no-middle men handle your personal information.

Additionally, the lack of financial intermediaries means Bitcoin transactions can be completed by the casino instantly. This is a valuable benefit for online casino users who often have to wait to receive payments. With a BTC transaction, there’s just you and the casino passing currency back and forth.

Are TRON Casinos Popular?

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency making a splash in the online casino world. BlockChainTRON was developer by Justin Sun, the CEO of BitTorrent. Since being launched in 2017, the Tron Foundation (a non-profit out of Singapore) has become a popular crypto alongside Ethereum and Bitcoin.

BlockchainTRON (TRX) is also becoming a viable way to engage with online casinos. Increasingly, TRON betting has become a popular choice with a rise in TRON-based decentralized apps (DApps) emerging.

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