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How Is Bitcoin Changing the Gaming World?


Bitcoin in the World of Gaming.

For a long while, Bitcoin was thought of as a bit of a whim. It means, who would really need a blockchain currency when FIAT money does just fine? As it turns out, gamers have proven to be some of the most forward-thinking individuals on the planet adopting blockchain and Bitcoin without second guessing it. In fact, today there are tons of games that accept Bitcoin. For instance, the following games all accept Bitcoin as a form of payment: online roulette, slots, indie games, mainstream gaming titles.

Now, this list is far from complete or perfect for that matter. Yet, Bitcoin gaming is becoming more and more popular and it’s been on the up for a fair while now. With this being said, it’s only natural to expect the number of BTC transactions directed at gaming opportunities to only grow over the years. Now, the question is, where can you spend your Bitcoin for gaming?

Steam: Buy a Game Today

Even though not all mainstream video games accept Bitcoin as a currency that would allow you to purchase skins, loot boxes, or keys, there are other ways to make the most out of your Bitcoin when it comes to gaming. Put simply, you can always visit a marketplace such as Steam and make a purchase.

While you may not be able to buy great new skins for your Counter-Strike, you will certainly find the option to purchase games seamlessly from the Internet in exchange for Bitcoin a great upside and a worthwhile way to buy games. Besides, there will be always an option to place a bet in a roulette game with bitcoin.

Better yet, other online marketplaces dedicated to gaming solutions are exploring these opportunities as well. GOG, a popular gaming store, now allows players to come to the shop, pick a game they enjoy and buy it with Bitcoin, plain and simple. There are other benefits of Bitcoin in gaming, though, other than making a swift purchase.

Blockchain to Tackle Some Cheating

Now, mainstream games are far from adopting Bitcoin, but they could perhaps adopt the currency’s underpinning technology, i.e. blockchain. Blockchain allows for transparency that is based on everyone’s participation. In other words, everyone can police everyone in a gaming ecosystem thanks to blockchain.

Now, this solution is used in online casinos more so than in other forms of gaming, but the lessons are applicable. For example, many developers today are trying to tackle cheating that is getting out of control.

The Call of Duty franchise is struggling to keep cheaters at bay in Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare. Meanwhile, Valve is trying to release a new, stricter, and more accurate anti-cheat system known as (VAC) while Riot Games’ first-person shooter (FPS) Valorant already saw the introduction of rather obtrusive anti-cheat software.

All of this can be fixed in a sense by trusting more intuitive solutions, such as blockchain. But trusting blockchain means changing the entire paradigm of game development, which will take a few years more before we can realistically expect.

Lessons to Learn from Online Casinos

Now, Bitcoin and blockchain have been extremely popular in one other segment, i.e. blockchain online casinos. These websites are developed to provide gamers with casino-style games that are impossible to cheat.

Thanks to the inherent transparency blockchain offers, you will enjoy an offer that makes it impossible for any third-party to enact cheats. Far more importantly, though, thanks to the transparency that blockchain comes with, it’s impossible for casinos to cheat consumers which many agree is the bigger upside here.

However, the gaming industry and casino gaming industry are rather different. Yet, there are a lot of similarities and crossovers that have become even more evident over the past years. These similarities are only bound to proliferate, building new connections and bridges between the two gaming worlds to one single objective – bettering the gaming experience for everyone participating.

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