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How Do I Buy XMR with My Credit Card?


Monero (XMR) has become a popular cryptocurrency since its initiation due to the high level of privacy protection. As a private network, it hides all the transactions, including the personal data of its parties and the amount transacted. That is why opening an XMR wallet can be a beneficial decision for those who don’t want to make known their assets. Experts advise to diversify your investment portfolio. Buy Monero to see the benefits of this cryptocurrency. 

The Best Way to Open XMR Wallet

The idea behind the blockchain is the possibility of decentralization. Therefore, it is better to prefer cryptocurrency services that promote this idea in their business practices. Guarda is a non-custodial cryptocurrency storage with a high level of security and privacy for its clients. That means that you:

  • don’t need to register your account· are not required to ask permission from service providers for your transactions;
  • can open your XMR wallet for free by installing Guarda software;
  • will not have any limits for your transactions;
  • can be sure that none of your data will be kept on Guarda servers.

Buy Monero with Credit Card via SEPA solution

You can easily purchase Monero with a SEPA bank transfer mechanism. Its advantages are obvious:

  • low fee for your XMR transactions;
  • possibility of large Monero purchasing due to the absence of any limits for the amount of single transaction;
  • no hidden costs;
  • possibility to monitor your transactions;
  • service speed and convenience.

To start trading Monero, use Guarda XMR wallet. You can not only store but easily buy and exchange cryptocurrency from any device with Guarda app. You will do that with the lowest XMR exchange rate.

Store and manage your Monero altcoins at Guarda XMR wallet. You can be sure of the privacy of your key and all your transactions. Your practice of trading XMR will be confident, easy, and comfortable.

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