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How Coinpulse Consistently Promotes The Interests Of Its Community


One of the primary factors that all individuals take into consideration when selecting a cryptocurrency exchange platform is its profitability. Since cryptocurrencies are currently primarily used for trading and investment purposes, the platform’s trading fees proves to be one of the pivotal determining factors for most users as it eventually determines their lucrativeness.

Existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms offer a highly automatable means of matching the supply and demand of a cryptocurrency. This feature is usually combined with order executions on a blockchain. However, executing code on a blockchain incurs a cost, and as such, the automated order-cancel-order cycle proves to be incredibly expensive in the long run. The cost incurred increases with the number of orders, and therefore, placing a large order influences the cost of the cryptocurrency. As such, requesting a large order is uneconomical and inefficient for both the buyers and the sellers, and placing a series of small orders leads to a high exchange commission. According to Exchange War, the top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges charge an average of 0.2% trading fees for both makers and takers, which can seriously cut into the traders’ profit margins.

While these are some of the most common concerns regarding exchange platforms, they have so far largely been ignored because most cryptocurrency exchange platforms are either ambivalent to, or are unconcerned about the interests of their core community. This  is why CoinPulse was developed.

CoinPulse, due to be launched in June 2018, is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange platform founded on the principle of collective community input and support. Even before being launched, it has already developed a reputation for being the “People’s” Exchange Platform as it has been designed based on a survey of it’s community and their current issues with other exchange platforms.

“The top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges charge an average of 0.2% trading fees for both makers and takers. This drastically cuts into the traders’ profit margins,” said Chez Darji, co-founder of CoinPulse.However, our goal is to create an exchange platform that prioritizes the needs and demands of its community. As such, CoinPulse will provide traders with the means and opportunity to reduce their trading fees to a mere 0.06%, thus maximizing their profits.”

Privileges afforded to CoinPulse Users

CoinPulse has several unique features that will allow users to maximize their profit margins, more so than in any other platforms. The following are some of the prime privileges afforded to CoinPulse users:

  1. A Referral Code: All users will receive a unique referral code from the 1st of July 2018. As such, they will have the opportunity to win a 30% commission from all trades made by individuals who have signed up to the CoinPulse platform using that referral code.
  2. Discounted Trading Fee: The general trading fee in CoinPulse is 0.20%, which is similar with the trading fees of most exchange platforms. However, users who pay the trading fee using CPEX tokens (the CoinPulse native tokens) receive a discount of 70%.
  3. Community Vote: CoinPulse recognizes that their platform functions because of the strength of their user base. One of the ways in which CoinPulse is democratizing platform features is through the token voting selection process. Users will have the power to vote on the tokens they want added to the CoinPulse platform monthly. Based on the results of the vote, CoinPulse will prioritize which tokens they would like to introduce.
  4. Trailing Stop-Loss Orders: The automatic or trailing stop-loss feature is one of the most powerful and unique features introduced in the CoinPulse platform. It allows users to set a stop order that will be automatically adjusted each time the purchased cryptocurrency moves up 20% from the price it was started at. The regular stop-loss limit is static, which means once you set it up you can’t change it unless you cancel that order and create another sell order manually. This makes the regular stop-loss limit unpopular with users as cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. However, a trailing stop-loss is a dynamic feature which will trigger a 20% increment in Stop Loss price each time the purchased currency increases by 20% — this percentage is based on the original Buying Price and Stop Loss. When the trailing stop-loss feature is used, the buy order executes as usual at the established price and the sell order gets executed at stop-loss limit if the best bid immediately goes down to the set price to protect from the loss. But if the market first goes up by, let’s say 60%, the Stop Loss Limit will also go up by 60%. So, once the user’s stop-limit is revised automatically by the system and then the price goes down, the sell order will get executed at this revised stop-loss price, thereby making a profit. So, each time the cryptocurrency goes up by 20%, the sell price protection (Stop Limit) also goes up by 20%, thereby letting the users automatically take advantage of the currency moving in their favor without having to readjust the Stop Limit to benefit from the increase in the price.

All the features mentioned above provide CoinPulse users a means to capitalize on their profits, to have an active voice in the platform, and use specially designed trading tools to take advantage of the fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, in addition to having such a full suite of great features, CoinPulse also has a highly intuitive dashboard with an interface that allows users to access their wallets directly on the trading page. These have only been some of the examples to show how CoinPulse consistently promotes the interests of its community.

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