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How Budbo Plans To Legitimize And Revolutionize The Cannabis Industry


Blockchain technology is already showing its massive potential to reinvent any number of global industries — the cannabis industry not excluded. Budbo, an Ethereum powered blockchain application, is set to revolutionize the cannabis industry by not only making business easier, safer and more efficient, but also by legitimizing the industry as a whole.

Harnessing the power of the blockchain, Budbo looks to add a significant layer of security and transparency to the cannabis industry — two crucial components that have hindered the cannabis industry from becoming a legitimate medicinal enterprise in the eyes of the general public.

Budbo’s application, utilizing the agility of the industry-leading Ethereum blockchain, will deliver working modular code and provide a sandbox environment — minimizing development time, infrastructure and investment.

Budbo’s blockchain application also operates on the cloud and is compatible with today’s hybrid cloud environment. This will afford dispensaries the ability to experiment without additional costs associated with infrastructure expenses, as well as help them access a global community of cannabis users faster than ever.

Bud on the Blockchain

By lending a quality platform for safe and secure business transactions, Budbo is set to take “bud” out of the basement.

For those still unfamiliar with the emerging technology, the blockchain helps businesses, industries, and governments instantaneously conduct and verify transactions. The results are truly revolutionary, as the blockchain helps streamline business processes, save money, and reduce fraud. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Thanks to a data structure which creates a public ledger of digital transactions shared among a distributed network of computers, companies can operate in a more open, transparent, and publicly verifiable manner — changing the way we do business.

There is no question the cannabis industry can benefit greatly from blockchain technology. Budbo will change the way users, dispensaries and couriers interact and exchange value and assets, enforce contracts and share data across channels on the most fundamental levels.

The blockchain-based Budbo application creates almost limitless possibilities for growth and social interaction, ranging from product matches and direct organic advertising to instant payments and more efficient supply chain and inventory management.

Growers using Budbo will be able to more easily and safely purchases supplies and equipment; manage, harvest and grow their crops; and connect with dispensaries — who themselves can verify delivery, maintain storage records, control inventory, and conduct safe and secure business transactions.

Lab testers will also be able to utilize Budbo’s blockchain to their benefit, ensuring organic GMO-free crops while correctly validating THC and THCA levels. Likewise, manufacturers will be able to manage orders, supplies, and their production cycle — while everyone involved in the industry will benefit from efficient logistics.

Additionally, the Budbo app will provide real-time GPS tracking, custom API interactions, and analytical dashboard reporting, all while facilitating compliance with strict state, local & federal laws. All documentation is instantly and securely stored and sorted in the cloud and, best of all, will be incredibly simple to use.

The Budbo White Paper is available here (in English). Other languages are available at the company’s website, here.

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