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Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency First ICO to Sponsor EPL Matches with Partner Blockchain-Powered Sports and Entertainment Platform Jetcoin Institute

0 is the first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to sponsor a European Premier League (EPL) match with partner and blockchain-powered sports and entertainment platform Jetcoin Institute. This marks six new games (previously Puregold sponsored three games) with expanded visibility of 300M and worldwide. offers the first payment gateway using cryptocurrency supported by gold.

With its sporting events watched and loved by millions of fans around the world, the EPL is the highest grossing among all European football leagues with earnings of around 6 billion euros during the 2016-17 season. Total aggregate match day attendance reaches 13.62 million and a global TV audience of 12 million per game. Social Media Contest

For every amount of PGT (Puregold Tokens) from users referred, is offering 5% of that amount in PGT. The user will also get an additional 5% contribution bonus. Please check for details.

Seperately, for every Coss Exchange client who contributes to the Puregold ICO, that client will receive an extra 5% bonus on Please check for details.

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