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Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency Puregold Announces Cross Promotion with Blockchain-Powered Sports and Entertainment Platform Jetcoin Institute


Puregold has announced a cross promotion with blockchain-powered sports and entertainment platform Jetcoin Institute only available on Coss Exchange from 15 March 2018 until 8 April 2018. In addition, the company said it will expand opportunities with Jetcoin to sponsor Jetcoin Champion May Myat Noe.

To enjoy this exclusive promotion contributors of PGT on COSS Exchange, will get extra 5% bonus & an extra 10% bonus in JET (Jetcoin Token).

With regard to Puregold’s latest partnership with Jetcoin Institute, ‘Jetcoin Champion May,’ Puregold will buy into the presale ITO of Jetcoin Champion May Myat Noe (model, singer, actress). As such, Puregold becomes the first crypto to endorse May as a brand ambassador. For Puregold Token (PGT) buyers to enjoy this new endorsement, Puregold’s cross promotion with Jetcoin has been made available only on Coss Exchange from 15 March 2018 until 8 April 2018, and will give all buyers an extra 10% bonus in JET (Jetcoin Token).

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