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Global Tax LLC Announces Free Consultation on Bitcoin & Taxes


Global Tax is the premier US accounting firm in the Bitcoin/blockchain industry and is offering a free consultation on Bitcoin & Taxes for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

“Whether you’re trading digital currencies full time, just sold the bitcoins you mined in 2011 or simply want to accurately report your Bitcoin activity, we understand your situation. We keep current with the latest industry and regulatory developments and, like you, we’re excited about Bitcoin’s potential,” said Global Tax LLC Owner Daniel Winters.

All of the below activities generate taxable income and should be reported to the IRS:

  • Working for Bitcoin as a contractor or employee
  • Selling or Trading Bitcoin
  • Mining Bitcoin
  • Selling items online and receiving Bitcoin as payment

To learn more, contact Global Tax LLC for your free consultation on Bitcoin & Taxes. Global Tax is owned by Daniel Winters, who has over 12 years of tax experience and holds both a Masters of Taxation and an MBA. Daniel has written a course for accountants about Bitcoin and has been interviewed by Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. An active member of the New York area Bitcoin community, Daniel has presented at the New York Blockchain Conference, Texas Bitcoin Conference and the New York Bitcoin Center.


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