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Global Family Office Summit Addresses the Future of Decentralized Currencies


Recently launched Global Family Office Wealth Network held the first virtual Global Family Office Summit in Decentraland’s Crypto Valley and via Zoom. The summit gathered prominent crypto and blockchain experts, including Al Burgio, DigitalBits Founder, Michael Gord, CEO of GDA Capital and XDB Foundation Managing Director, James Fierro, Founder & CEO of the Eco Capacity Exchange, Bartolome Bordallo, CEO of Zignaly, and Raoul Milhado, Founder and CEO of Elitium, among others. 

The virtual conference is the first gathering of private wealth of such magnitude. The speakers represented companies that are pushing the boundaries of technology in the world of finance, which included traditional wealth managers, unicorn disruptors, investment managers, and regulators.

“Family offices already hold safe assets such as gold and real estate, and will always look to hold those assets for wealth preservation. Putting assets that families already own on the blockchain allows them to decrease their custody fees and collect additional dividends on the assets they already hold through making these assets transactable,” said XDB Foundation Managing Director Michael Gord

Alternative assets don’t stay alternative assets forever. They are an onramp, a sandbox to become mainstream,” said one of the panelists, PALcapital founder James Haft

The main focus of the summit was on the rise of impact investing and intergenerational wealth transfer, the paradigm shifts, integration of wealth transfer, and the way families around the world preserve and grow their wealth. The topics of the summit are even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic as all known investment strategies are being questioned.

Website:  Watch all Summit sessions here.

About Global Family Office Summit 

The Global Family Office Summit is a quarterly event bringing together innovative asset managers, more traditional family offices and private equity firms, global regulators and unicorn disruptors to discuss technology that is changing the world.

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