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GENEXI Biotech Accelerator announces Advisory Board


“Our mission is to establish a foundation and become the industry leader in biotech drug development driven by scientific vision and clinical acumen, and supported by a distinguished clinical development team and advisors in order to research and manufacture medicine that is used in the treatment of various diseases”. – GENEXI Foundation.

In September 2017, Alexey Zhelyaskov founded GENEXI Biotech Accelerator, which operates as a Platform and a Foundation focusing on Hi-Tech Bio&Med research and drug development. GENEXI assembled an impressive Advisory Board and Core Team which, among others, include professional experts in biomedicine, digital health, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, downstream chemical processing, agriculture and bioservices. GENEXI will provide research, business development and marketing support to promising biotech projects to ensure their further development.

In Q3 2017, GENEXI announced the launch of sustainable innovative ecosystem that brings transparency into biotech sector through blockchain technology. The project’s leaders reckon that in the field of healthcare, the application of this business model will be more than justified. GENEXI ecosystem is a digital space with a complex of high tech solutions, through which manufacturers, distributors and retailers can interact with each other by minimizing fraudulent activities of participants. The project’s primary purpose is combine its scientific, medical and project evaluation and development expertise to select the most promising arising solutions and studies in the process of continuous market monitoring and research.

GENEXI Foundation is an organization employing a wide range of high-level innovative research scientists, who have dedicated themselves to an alternative industry different from the conventional life-science paths. GENEXI support specialists who provide manual heuristic analysis for most detailed venture assessment and prognosis. GENEXI has established partnership with leading research labs, institutes and medical advisors to select the most promising projects with the highest expected return rates: Dr. Sergey Turin – Ph.D, leading Russian chemist, Dr. Phyllis Martin – PhD, American microbiologist, Dr. Brenda Oppert – PhD, Dr. Alexander Novoselov – Phd, biotech analyst, Russian State Genetic Research Institute, Russian Toxicology and Hygiene Research Institute, American Ministry of Agriculture Research Center.

Dr. Sergey Turin, Head of Medical Research

With than 35 years of medical experience, Sergey is an author of multiple research papers on topics including bioorganic and protein chemistry. His career started in 1982 at State Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms of the National Research Centre, where he studied the chemical structure of the bendotoxin protein. After the graduation he started a project on biopreparation of bendotoxin with extended spectrum of insecticidal activity, successfully collaborating with the US Department of Agriculture. In 2008, he founded an innovative company BIOS whose main purpose was to create a new product on the basis of bacteriorhodopsin protein, which resulted in the development of a new highly effective medicine to treat skin diseases.

“We get feedbacks from patients who find themselves desperate and on the brink of death and a particular drug can extend their lives. This pushes scientists and physicians to full-scale studies, financed by various investment funds and institutions. As a doctor, I would like to see more highly effective drugs that do not have a wide range of side effects. However, this is constrained by a complex system of clinical trials, the improvement of which, in my opinion, is necessary”.

Alexander Novoselov, Biotech Analyst

Alexander is a Director of the Moscow Society of Dermatologists. He joined Genexi in 2016, following five years with Russian Dermatology Academic Research Centre and over a decade of working for global health, development and public sector organisations. Alexander holds a Masters degree in Medicine.

“Traditional medicine has played out its role. Biotech is currently the most progressive field, both in general and in medicine in particular. GENEXI’s mission is to lengthen patients’ active lives by applying cutting-edge, clinically proven products. We will soon be treating systematic diseases that require us to alter the genome, address DNA-level defects, reorder amino acids… That is our future”.

Roel Wolfer, Advisor

Roel has more than 20 years of international experience on business and technology in retail and transactional banking, payments and bank cards, retailing, management consulting, IT and venture capital. He holds MSc in Economics from Maastricht University and an executive degree in innovation from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. He is also the Chief Operating Officer at Qoin, where he focuses on policy, monetary design, legal advice and tokenomics development.

Malcolm Tan, Advisor

Malcolm Tan is an established Singaporean lawyer-entrepreneur with extensive experience in construction, telecommunications, engineering, retail, IT, and financial industries. Malcolm is skilled in litigation, corporate law, and M&A. He previously held legal counsel positions in both global and regional capacities across the Asia-Pacific region, MENA, and North America. Malcolm has been involved in corporate advisory and corporate finance field, in deals from angel to VC and PE, and also Pre-IPO and IPO deals.

“Blockchain is an ideal business solution to overcome counterfeiting. Primarily through serialisation, and more stringent checks and a possibility of removal of the middleman through smart-contracts and provenance. GENEXI should aim to cater for Asian community attending conferences in China, Japan, Korea, as well as in Hong Kong and Singapore. The sticky money is institutions and retail crowd. Institutional capital is your most strategic capital and it will help pave the way to a secondary offering.

Anti Danilevski, Crowdfunding Advisor

As a founder of KICKICO platform, he leads the biggest Russian crowdfunding community as well as other online communities. Anti has been involved in the blockchain community since 2014 and brings his 11 years of experience in crowdfunding, online community-building into GENEXI.

“When I first met Alexey Zhelyaskov, GENEXI’s founder, I was impressed by his ambitious ideas and his risky but innovative business-model. He presented me their first product and I decided to give it to my friend who had been struggling with psoriasis. The feedback I received from my companion was largely positive: product did work and did not cause any side effects. GENEXI’s products meets people’s need – and that keeps GEN tokens in-demand. The utility token can continue to evolve over time. Their value is defined by the audience and can remain relatively unchanged, so their value in the market will continue to increase. GENEXI takes a model that has proven itself and applies it to a niche in great need of a solution.  As long as something is useful, it will be around, and it will be valuable. I think the main challenge of GENEXI is not only in developing its Foundation and raising funds but also in saving the world of its presence”.

From May 1 to July 31, 2018, GENEXI Biotech Accelerator will hold an ICO. During  this period GENEXI plans to collect from 20 to 70 million dollars. 60% of funds will be allocated to the grant program, the rest – to the infrastructure system development, testing, and launching, and the project development. Upon reaching a hardcap of 70 million dollars, GENEXI will allocate 3 grants for a total of 100,000 dollars on simplified terms to biotech labs and companies who will express the wish to become partners with GENEXI Biotech Accelerator before the end of the ICO.

The investors are eligible for bonuses. The period from May 1 to May 31 will be the most beneficial for tokenholders: in this case, the bonus will be 20%, from June 1 to June 14 – 17%, from June 15 to June 28 – 9%, from June 29 to July 12 5%, and then 2% until the end of the initial coin offering.

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