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GAME Credits: A Focus on the Future of Esports and the Tokenized Metaverse


Blockchain technology continues to innovate every facet of the world and the GAME Credits project plans to specifically revolutionize the Esports industry. Just recently, GAME Credits merged with the NovaToken network in order to provide the public with a robust Esports-infused interconnected system with rewards and in-game items. Launched in 2014, GAME Credits was the first gaming platform to leverage blockchain solutions in order to radically improve the growing Esports gaming industry.

The GAME Credits Backstory and Focus 

Esports, also known as electronic sports, is an extremely popular form of sport competition that has steadily turned into a billion-dollar industry in recent years. A report from the Newzoo analyst group shows that in 2019, Esports raked in $1 billion in revenue worldwide and the industry has grown 38% year over year. The GAME Credits project plans to invigorate the Esports industry by bringing greater incentive to players, tournament holders, and developers. Gaming with GAME Credits is not only enjoyable, but player-owned game assets makes tournaments far more rewarding and fascinating for everyone involved.

GAME Credits has been around for quite some time, as the team launched the cryptocurrency back in February 2014. The creators of GAME Credits (originally called Gamerscoin) knew that the Esports industry, alongside non-fungible in-game items would turn into an explosive, billion-dollar industry. The GAME community has been loyal for six years and GAME can be traded on exchanges like Bittrex, Bitbay, Livecoin, and Crex24. At the basic level, GAME Credits (GAME) are simply ERC20 tokens created using the Ethereum blockchain. Not only can GAME be traded on the aforementioned trading platforms, but more importantly they power the entire GAME Credits ecosystem.

So within the GAME Credits network, holders earn non-fungible token (NFT)  rewards like in-game items, tournament entry tickets, booster packs and many others.  Players earn loyalty points which can be used to redeem for these various NFT’s rewards in the rewards portal. The more GAME a player locks into a game, the more payouts they can receive. The main focal point of GAME Credits is to focus on Esport games, players, and developers who create games. Players get the ability to store in-game and blockchain-backed items, they can also stake their GAME, giving all players and tournament hosts the benefits of earning rewards.

Developers can integrate the GAME Credits software-development kit (SDK) into their game codebase, in order to leverage in-game items to game players. Programmers don’t even need to have any prior blockchain knowledge at all to get started with the GAME Credits SDK, as the process is intuitive and straightforward. Similar to the player incentives, the more GAME staked into a developed game, the developer will share transaction fees leveraged during gameplay. In-game items leverage non-fungible tokens by using the Ethereum network’s ERC721 and the ERC1155 standard.

Merging With NovaToken and the Future 

Just recently the GAME Credits project merged with the NovaToken network and the team stems from various well known gaming companies like 2K Games, Wizards of the Coast and Sega. The partnership brings a myriad of new features like a fully fledged Esports tournament organizer dubbed GAME Tournament, and the non-fungible creation tool called GAME Mint. Additionally, the merger has provided a marketplace API to foster the creation of NFTs (in-game items) and this allows people to trade them in a permissionless, secondary market fashion. The collaboration between the GAME Credits team and members of the NovaToken network has invoked a whole suite of applications dedicated to the Esports industry.

GAME Credits first service debuted in early July and the recent release gives individuals the ability to earn rewards via the rewards portal. Basically, anyone can earn GAME, in-game items, and various digital collectibles every week. All the person has to do is leverage GAME to support their favorite , and this week the portal is offering 100,000 GAME available to earn. The Hot Pick games this week include Nova Blitz, Digitible, Satoshi Battles, Chainbreakers, Splinterlands, Cryptobeasties, Altcoin Fantasy, and Block Brawlers. Increase support for your favorite game and you can increase the rewards that you earn. In addition, the GAME Credits team has also created a TCG (trading card game) called Nova Blitz and it will be live on the blockchain soon.

The GAME Credits team is growing and the vision is focused on the growing Esports industry and the NFT revolution taking place. Last month, Andrew Steinwold, partner of Polynexus Capital wrote a report on how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were about to cross the $100 million zone in sales. With projects like Cryptokitties, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, Avastars, Gods Unchained, Cryptopunks and more the space has grown exponentially. The GAME Credits community realizes how important the tokenized metaverse will be, and in time both NFT’s and Esports will be multi-billion dollar industries. GAME Credits has the experience and knowhow in order to pioneer these two innovations into a massively cohesive and rewarding ecosystem.

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