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GAIA Platform Development Update


Lot of news from the GAIA project. The GAIA dev team has been working on new additions and subtractions to the GAIA core code. Mainly to streamline the APPstore code submission service into a semi auto process that requires much less supervision and much more flexibility.

During this time we introduced the Android wallet app with full QT features and a few other fixes. As we move forward however, a new set of techs have hit the altcoin scene and we figured we need to move GAIA forward by adopting the new and improving the old.

Techs we would like to add to GAIA include full anonymous TX, Masternodes, and streaming media. This will be a lot of work and will take some time to accomplish, but to do this we have to make some changes to the GAIA chain. A new GAIA chain with coinswap or the same chain with a hard-fork. We are not fans of hard-forks so we are leaning towards the first.

Nothing will be done in a hurry, so do not worry about timelines. They  will announce any planned changes in advance and give ample time for community to respond/interact. Some of the first changes will be done with  auto wallet updater and will not need any downloads.

You can stay up with the updates following the GAIA Official Thread on BitcoinTalk.


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