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From zero to hero: how a scam coin became a success story


You may remember articles about a former scam coin called EuropeCoin. The crash and the death of this coin has been the beginning of a story, that is unique in the landscape of altcoins. After half a year being dead, it got picked up out of the dirt and suddenly reappeared on Comkort exchange at a price of 7 satoshi exactly twelve month ago. From there it started a race, that does not look to have an end today, being now traded on Bleutrade and Bittrex at about 350 satoshi and counting.

Because we have already published (as first news site) the most of the story, we will this time focus our article on what has been achieved in the twelve month and what is to expect in future from this coin. About the past only one word: if you have been one of those who have been reading our articles and have been following our predictions, you may be a very lucky guy today.

The coin restarted with an classical copy and paste Novacoin clone wallet, that could not have been more uninteresting. It had a static oldfashioned POS mechanism. Though it was advertised otherwise by the former “developer”. After some time and small updates by the new maintainer the StaisyBit developer joined the team and the project began kickstarting. Development accelerated until the team proudly presented their version 2.0 of Europecoin, that made a just surprising transformation. They not only contributed to fixes allover the community, for the feared Novacoin vulnerability and survived a massive attack themselves, but also replaced nearly the complete codebase of their own wallet and added endless innovations and features.

Today Europecoin evolved to one of the technical most advanced altcoins:

  • new from scratch developed modern VPOS staking engine;
  • inwallet trading application;
  • inwallet control center with direct cloudstaking access;
  • inwallet market and trading statistics with graphs;
  • inwallet networking and staking statistics;
  • the “Europecoin Rewind Blockchain” feature.

Let me explain their latest publication “Rewind Blockchain”: it’s a function to undo harms or attacks by undoing them by network consents. It also enables single users to repair their corrupted chain by just going back in time instead of resyncing.


Their cause

Europecoin has been rebooted to serve a cause. The Team is building the infrastructure and educational environment to form expert groups and send them as grassroots lobbyists to Brussels to do educational work about decentralization of powers for Europe.

Despite their technical work they have been very active to also progress towards their social goals. They founded two startups one startup to fund the project without having to get money out of their community and one to fund the community to free people to do work for the project. The project for their self funding is a multiwallet cloudstaking service named and its doing extremely well. Staisybit itself is another great work from their new developer and is build to provide even more features to come and to shake up the altcoin community. Their second service is a first step into the educational work by founding a consulting group, offering speakers and consultants that are hired out of their community to fund their supporters.

The list of their current developments, they are working on, is impressive and it looks like they will keep mass innovating for a very long time. During the Interview they gave some rare insights about a Rest 2.0 coin Api for Bitcoin 2.0 services and first APPs like direct exchange features to the ethereum network. There is more to come from this team, watch this coin.

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