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Friendtech declines, xPET expands SocialFi market dominance


In the ongoing fierce competition for SocialFi supremacy, Friendtech shows signs of weakening, opening the door for a new contender predicted to seize Friendtech’s throne.

xPET, the latest generation SocialFi project, introduces a fresh and innovative concept of “raising pets directly on Twitter (X).” This unique idea has captured the community’s attention, just as Friendtech faces a decline in its dominance.

xPET expands SocialFi market dominance

What sets xPET apart in the SocialFi Landscape?

In essence, SocialFi represents a means of earning income through social interactions, leveraging blockchain technology to construct the underlying infrastructure. This platform enables content creators to monetize their influence, while users receive rewards for participating in activities on the platform. Experts in the field believe that SocialFi introduces a more enticing business model compared to current social media giants.

xPET has swiftly recognized this trend and developed a unique product that seamlessly integrates the joy of owning virtual pets with the potential for financial gain.

With the xPET Extension, users can effortlessly navigate Twitter (X), enjoying the experience of caring for virtual pets while simultaneously earning money through the time invested in pet care, interacting with their virtual companions, and scrolling through the Twitter (X) news feed.

Special features of Xpet that users cannot ignore

Pet Rearing on the Twitter (X) Platform

Users can join the lively community on the Twitter (X) platform to adopt and care for virtual pets, each with its unique personality and needs. You possess the ability to nourish, engage in play, and tailor your virtual companion, crafting an exclusive and personalized encounter. It’s more than just a pet, it mirrors users’ individual style and personality.

The browser extension enhances user experience by allowing them to care for their virtual pets directly within the browser while using Twitter, establishing a convenient and enriched pet care routine.

xPET interface combined with Twitter (X) is friendly and easy to use

Earn While You Play

Not only satisfy your passion and participate in a pet-loving community, but your virtual pets can also help you hunt for secret chests while scrolling through Twitter. In each chest, you may find BPET tokens, food, or essential items for pet care such as brushes, needles, or shields v.v… Moreover, the more time you dedicate to caring for your pets, the higher their level becomes, unlocking more enticing features and helping pet owners earn more BPET tokens. The earned BPET tokens can be transferred to the users’ wallets, providing tangible value to users’ virtual adventures.

This represents a novel approach to turning leisure time into a lucrative business activity. xPET introduces a new era of SocialFi, where users can enjoy themselves while simultaneously earning profits.

Open chests and collect your rewards while scrolling Twitter (X)

The launch promises many explosions in Q4 2023

According to the latest information from the xPET team, the project’s product is scheduled to launch in mid-Q4 2023. However, at this point, we can already sense significant interest from the community in this exclusive new SocialFi experience.

As the team finalizes the steps for the product, users can anticipate a new era of online interaction, blending passion, community, and financial empowerment. You can start learning right away to join the vibrant community and experience interesting things with xPET Extension while earning income for yourself.

Not only satisfying the passion for raising pets, xPET also helps users earn real profits

In summary, xPET is not just a platform; it’s a lifestyle, a community, and a pathway to financial empowerment. The unique concept has evolved into a cohesive thread, positioning xPET to become a dominant force in the future of SocialFi. Following the surge of, the SocialFi wave is poised to continue expanding and advancing further in the future with numerous innovative projects on the horizon. Let’s eagerly await to see how the xPET project unfolds in the upcoming period!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is subject to change as the xPet platform evolves. Please refer to the official xPet channels for the latest updates and announcements.

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