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Author Topic: How to Buy Ethereum in India  (Read 319 times)


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How to Buy Ethereum in India
« on: February 25, 2021, 12:35:56 PM »
With the cryptocurrency boom that has gripped the world, there has been a precedented growth of multiple cryptocurrencies that battle with each other to gain dominance among the investors. Currently, there are around 5000 different kinds of cryptocurrencies in almost 20,000 different markets for investors to choose from. Since its beginning in 2009, Bitcoin has been the leader in cryptocurrencies and has gained a substantial amount of trust among its investors and traders. But over the course of the last several years, many different cryptocurrencies like EOS, Dash, and Golem have gained a substantial foothold in the exchange markets and are bound to attract a lot of investors over the course of time. The most notable among them is Ethereum and its increasing growth as an underdog in the cryptocurrency race.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a global, decentralized platform for money and new sorts of applications. On Ethereum, you can write code that regulates the money, and build applications accessible anywhere in the world. Ethereum (ETH) is both a cryptocurrency and a functional decentralized environment that truly made a revolution in the whole IT industry.

The internal currency of the program is Ether, its abbreviation is ETH. Ether is practised not only as a unit of account. It also ensures the execution of smart contracts, playing the role of a “fuel” for the network. In terms of support and prevalence, ETH is now at the top of the existing digital currencies on the market.

Why Buy Ethereum in India?

Ethereum also has a unique purpose as compared to Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies. Although Ethereum can also be regarded as a digital currency, its primary motive is to facilitate and monetize the operations within its platform rather than establishing itself as an alternative currency. Even though Ethereum shouldn’t be regarded as a competition to Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies, its popularity among the investors soon pushed Ehtereum right behind Bitcoin in terms of market cap and is competing against all cryptocurrencies as of now. Even though Ethereum might rank second on the cryptocurrency rankings, the Ethereum market cap of $25,483,988,714 USD is much less than that of the Bitcoin market cap of $168,259,882,356 USD but is still way more than the Dash market cap of $650,015,908 USD and Golem market cap of $49,535,134 USD.

How to Buy Ethereum in India?

Ethereum can be easily brought from different top crypto exchange platforms that exist over the internet. Since Ether is the second most valued cryptocurrency on the market, it is fairly easy to come across a program that would operate within the jurisdiction of the law of the land. There are many exchange platforms that exist in India that provide investors and traders a medium through which they can acquire Ether. Ether can be bought using fiat currency. As of 30th June 2020, the amount of 1 Ether to INR is at 17,155.54 INR. Exchange platforms give Ether for the stipulated rates with a minor fee for providing their services.

How to buy ETH with a credit or debit card

1. Go through the registration process of the exchange;

2. On the landing page, select location and desired payment method;

3. Choose a trader or create an advertisement;

4. Complete the trade and receive ETH in your wallet.

Uses of Ethereum in India

Ethereum is usually sought by developers who are intending to create and run applications inside Ethereum. Investors also utilize Ethereum as a means to monetize work inside Ethereum and to codify, secure, and trade nearly everything inside the platform. Ethereum also partnered with Microsoft’s ConsenSys and thus giving Microsoft Azure users with Ethereum blockchain as a service and hence providing them with quick access to a cloud-based blockchain developer environment.

The research is conducted in a variety of methods including through in-depth expert analysis, comparison, and continued monitoring of the exchanges’ offering and services. It is for this reason that Shiftal is perfectly placed to help our traders choose reliable cryptocurrency exchanges to work with.

The advantages of buying from us:

  • Simple service to buy ETH
  • Facility to buy Ethreum (ETH) with a credit/debit card or other payment methods;
  • We are round the clock customer assistance;
  • Fast and safe transactions;
  • Escrow Protection.
  • Regulated Exchange.
  • Our service does not collect any details of our client’s banking transactions. Moreover, we do not even see the details. All fiat transactions are conducted in accordance with strict security norms and traders are protected through the Escrow system.

How to buy Ethereum with Paypal?

Cryptocurrency has evolved as a new form of currency accepted all over the world in the past few years. Currently, there are myriad ways people can purchase cryptocurrencies. The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies has made people interested in buying Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litcoins, and many more, and identifying a reliable source to buy them is imperative as there are some of the best crypto exchange platforms that allow people to buy digital currencies with an easy payment option. One of the most popular platforms to buy Ethereum is PayPal.

How to Buy Ethereum with Paypal

PayPal connects directly to your bank account; it doesn’t need to be funded and is easy to use service. It has been able to provide users with an alternative payment solution and plays the role of intermediary during a transaction by withdrawing the necessary money directly from your bank account. PayPal is an online payment service that is highly appreciated by users as it offers them great protection. In fact, during a transaction through PayPal, all you have to do is enter your email and password, you don’t have to provide your bank details. Therefore it is a fast and secure means of payment. Along with that, PayPal is a smart alternative to some banks that do not hesitate to charge large transaction fees.

It is a lot easier to buy ethereum with PayPal using a broker or platform. Buying ETH with PayPal using a broker can help you to easily deposit into an account and then use their platforms to quickly buy the asset.

Is PayPal a commonly accepted payment method for ETH?

The options for buying Ethereum with PayPal are limited, however, that’s not to say that they don’t exist. Fortunately for many investors and traders, there is an ample number of ways to purchase Ethereum with the world’s largest E-Payments platform.

Is buying Ethereum with PayPal the best method?

Buying ETH from a reliable source using your PayPal account can be a little challenging and a bit tricky but times have changed. The old protracted way to buy ETH with PayPal looked something like this:  You had to put your PayPal balance onto a credit card, buy Bitcoin on an exchange, then look for another exchange to buy Ethereum online with Bitcoin. However, now paying deposits using PayPal on sites like eToro, 24Option and Coinbase are as easy, just as you would make a purchase for other online products.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to buying your first Ethereum with PayPal

By now you must have understood the process to buy ETH with PayPal and know what your options are, now you need to know how to use them to buy Ethereum with PayPal. If you are still confused about how do you buy Ethereum, understand the process we have outlined in the given steps:

Your safest bet is to use PayPal to buy Ethereum via other trading platforms like eToro, 24Option, and Coinbase.

What do I need before getting started?

You’ll need to provide some information to sign up to any brokerage platform. Buying or selling ether is completely anonymous, but in order to verify your account and to combat fraud you need to provide some information. Here’s what you need to prepare to get started:

Method of payment

To buy ethereum with a PayPal you’ll need to have your account details to hand and you should ensure there are no restrictions on payments of that type through your chosen service.

Proof of identity

You must have a valid identity proof, as you’ll almost always be asked to provide a valid ID to prove your identity when signing up to a platform. A passport or driving license is amongst the most commonly required and you’ll often be asked to supply a selfie of you after providing the required documents to it to verify it’s yours.

Proof of address

Along with your identity proof and your picture you’ll be asked to provide proof of your address, generally in the form of a utility bill or a bank statement. If by any chance you don’t have access to any of these documents, others are sometimes accepted. This will, however, depend on the platform you are signing up. So be sure to check you have the right forms of ID proofs before signing up for a particular service.

Exchange or broker platform

After all the above steps, you need to decide the platform you want to use to buy Ethereum with PayPal. You can consider any platform you want to get out of your investment and make sure that the platform or provider accepts PayPal payments.

Buy Ethereum with PayPal: the steps

Sign up on the platform and buy ETH. Let’s get started.

Visit the site and sign up for a free account. Select a platform from and select the option to register an account.

Create a password. It’s really very important to have a solid password, especially on a crypto exchange, as your account will be used to store your ethers. So you should ensure to include a mixture of letters and numbers and make your password memorable.

Activate account. In the majority of the platforms, the next step is to check your email for an account verification message, this message will include a link to activate your account.

Fund account or make payment. To buy ETH with PayPal (many of them don’t), you’ll simply have to select the option to pay with PayPal on the platform you are using. This will redirect you to a page that will enable you to pay from your PayPal into the account you’ve created on the platform. Make sure your PayPal account is active, funded, and has no restrictions.

Buy ether. If you’ve made a payment, congratulations! You’ve bought your ether with PayPal.

Pros of buying Ethereum with PayPal

  • PayPal is quick which makes it easy to buy ethereum
  • PayPal usually has low transaction fees for purchases
  • Your transactions are guaranteed to be secure on Paypal
  • Once you’ve bought ethereum with PayPal, you can shop anonymously with your ether
  • How To Buy ETH With Visa Or Mastercard?
  • At Shiftal you can buy Ethereum (ETH) with a bank (credit or debit) card. This method is suggested if you need a small amount of crypto money or you need it quickly.
How to buy ETH with a debit or credit card online:

  • Go through the registration procedure on the site.
  • Go through the verification stage.
  • Ensure you have a valid wallet.
  • Now you can make a purchase.
  • All the process can be traced in ‘Transaction history’.
  • Buy ethereum with card

How To Buy ETH With A Credit Card By Verifying?

The verification process is mandatory for any transaction. Normally this step will take about 15 minutes, but sometimes you will need up to 10-12 hours for the completion of the verification procedure. You will have to give the identification documents for the verification procedure. You can give a copy of your passport ( the second page with pictures should be clear)  to prove your identity or a copy of your identity card.

For the verification of your address, you can give any of the following documents:

  • Bills for utility services.
  • Phone bill.
  • Documents with your address verified by official authorities
  • Your friend’s or family member’s identity card will not be accepted. The name of the cardholder should match the name in your profile.

Buy Ethereum With A Credit Card?

Earlier we mentioned one of the easiest ways to buy Ethereum with a debit card. This applies to credit cards also, and the process is the same. Whereas, there are 2 more ways to buy ETH.

The first and most favored method is using exchanges. Go on any other platform with a good reputation. Create an account and get the verification done for your identity. Then find the option of ‘Wallets’, find ETH, and click on ‘Deposit’. Choose a credit card as a payment method and enter the suitable information. Confirm the payment via text or e-mail and wait.

Why Do You Have To Find An Exchange With A Good Reputation?

The biggest problem with exchanges is safety. Most hackers make money from exploiting such platforms. The more trustworthy platform you choose, the safer your funds will be. Besides, exchanges collect data about their users. If the service is not safe, hackers may get your personal data and use it for against you.

How Long Should You Wait?

You have to wait around ten minutes for Ethereum transactions. However, exchanges give you crypto from their own stocks, so you have to wait for the answers from the bank.

Another way is to find a person who sells Ethereum. It can be your friend or any person who is known to you. If you know anyone with Ethereum, it is an easier way to buy crypto using a credit card.

If none of these methods pleases you, visit forums that are connected to cryptocurrency. Usually, people create topics about selling or buying crypto. Try to find users who want to sell Ethereum for fiat currency. Communicate with them, discuss terms, and make a deal.

It is a very risky process because there is no guarantee about the loyalty of such sellers. We cannot help you with a guide on how to find a loyal user on crypto forums. Whereas, you will get some benefits also. Firstly, you don’t have to pay any fees. Secondly, you’ll be able to get the most suitable terms of a deal. Lastly, you won’t need to reveal any information about yourself.

How to Buy Ethereum with a Debit Card?

Everyone hates waiting, especially with money. Everybody wants to get the work done as soon as possible. Cryptocurrency transactions can take days for the procedure if the blockchain is burdened. We know how transactions are confirmed. Thus, it is very difficult to affect the pace of a transaction. Nonetheless, anyone wants to know the simplest way to immediately buy Ethereum with a debit card. The following are the steps for you to buy an Ethereum.

Step By Step Guide

The most suitable way to buy Ethereum is by using online exchanges.

Step 1. Go to 
Step 2. Click “sign-in”
Step 3. If you don’t have an account then click “I don’t have an account” and register using only your personal email.
Step 4. Find Ethereum in the list and then click the “Deposit” option.
Step 5. Select “Deposit” and so select “Buy ETH using credit or debit card”
Step 6. Enter the amount of money you want to use for the purchase.
Step 7. You’ll be sent to the payment system gateway where you enter your card details.
Step 8. Click “Pay now” and you will get a suitable amount of Ethereum on your Shiftal wallet.
Have a safe and secure trade with Shiftal’s multi-layered security protocols. Thank you!!

Is Ethereum Worth Buying?

Ethereum is new. It was introduced in 2016. It has bugs here and there, sure. But for people who are ready to be involved and try this new technology, it can prove quite beneficial. So, should you buy an Ethereum? Here are 3 reasons to take action and become an early adopter and investor.

Ethereum could be a world computer

The reason Ethereum acquired such vast acceptance and nearly flipped places with Bitcoin in June 2017 is thanks to its potential to run good contracts. Ethereum is poised to guide in a new era of decentralized applications. These dApps might run and secure code which will facilitate businesses to perform higher around the world. These dApps can run on Ethereum thus it’s not too late to buy ETH and participate.

Ethereum can run uncensorable apps
Censorship is a real issue in the present-day world. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, all of these companies have the right to delete, modify, or hide content. They often do. Sometimes from particular countries upon receiving a request from a government official; sometimes from a company; sometimes even from their own management Ethereum can help to keep the free world remain informed because it is decentralized.

Ethereum is a host for innovation

Ethereum lost eighty-four per cent of its worth price once the so-called 2017 ‘crypto bubble popped’ however Ethereum did not die. Just like the internet which didn’t end after the 90’s ‘internet bubble’, Ethereum has also gained strength and momentum. Interesting new projects are being built on Ethereum like microgrids, charging stations for electric vehicles, crypto-collectibles, home mortgages, health care records, and many more.

Is Ethereum a good investment !!

As Ethereum is the 2nd largest blockchain platform, many traders believe Ethereum is a good investment compared to other cryptos. Despite all the ups and downs in Ethereum’s history, experts believe that Ethereum price could increase further in the long-term. One of the reasons that will influence investing in Ethereum is Ethereum 2.0, the second iteration of Ethereum. Ethereum 2.0 can concentrate on energy efficiency and staking rather than mining. Note that proof of stake involves the active dealings validation and network support by holding funds in an exceedingly crypto wallet so as to make sure safety.

Another reason to think about investing in Ethereum is the increasing use of blockchain technology, which will fascinate a lot of successful crypto traders in 2020. Such technology can ease online payments, loan distribution, and commodities trading.

Should you invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Ethereum is the 2nd largest currency after Bitcoin, and as explained above, there are many reasons to invest in Ethereum instead of Bitcoin. Though both Ethereum and Bitcoin use distributed ledgers and tokens, Ethereum has some benefits over Bitcoin, which fascinates traders from all over the world.

As mentioned above, there are more tokens in circulation than bitcoin, and it’s easier to obtain ETH at a shorter block time. To be more specific, it takes up to 15 seconds to get ETH, compared to bitcoin transactions that take between 10 minutes and 1 day. Because Ethereum has its own programming language, it’s used not solely as a currency and transactions however as a way to run localized apps, monetize work, and provide ownership. Its distinctive structure to run good contracts is actually one of the most pivotal aspects that make Ethereum a good investment option. A clear example of the importance of Ethereum is the creative Ethereum Blockchain as a Service. It provides financial services, customers, and developers, to have a flexible and safe cloud-based blockchain environment.

Interestingly enough, many crypto games are also based on Ethereum, which makes them a fascinating investment option. One of the most popular games is CryptoKitties that allows gamers to breed and trade digital cats.

How much could Ethereum be worth?

Given that ETH’s main motive is not to become an alternative to global currencies but to facilitate good contracts and applications, many experts see a big potential in Ethereum. Some experts predict that an ETH token may reach $10,000 and over a trillion-dollar market cap. Though making crypto predictions is difficult, the demand for localized finance makes experts believe that Ethereum might rise again. Based on price projections Ethereum experts claim it may reach extreme heights in the next 5 years. For example,  some predictions suggest that between 2023 and 2025 Ethereum’s potential high might be $50,000, while its potential low might be $3,500. As a result, many best crypto exchange traders may benefit from such price swings.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: The Conclusion

Bitcoin and Ethereum have very different purposes! Ethereum’s purpose is to offer and run localized good-contract applications powered by blockchain technology that does not go offline and cannot be altered. It provides users with a platform and programming language to make the applications on.

Bitcoin’s purpose, however, is hugely different. It serves as a localized store of value as a peer-to-peer digital currency, used for financial transactions. It eliminates the need for 3rd parties in payment methods.

In conclusion, the main differences that separate Ethereum vs Bitcoin are their purposes and their concepts. Also, Ethereum’s blockchain runs good contracts whereas Bitcoin doesn’t and instead only focuses on manual payment methods.

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Re: How to Buy Ethereum in India
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2021, 02:39:11 PM »
you can buy but it is totally illegal in india to trade in any cryptocurrency.

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Re: How to Buy Ethereum in India
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2021, 07:12:54 PM »
Have they passed legislation about that?


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Re: How to Buy Ethereum in India
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2021, 01:06:17 PM »
you can buy but it is totally illegal in India to trade in any cryptocurrency.

I think the government has not yet passed the law and people are trading heavily in Cryptocurrencies. Even the authorities are not denying the bright future of crypto in India and across the world. So until any official statement, it would be unfair to state the illegality of crypto currencies.


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Re: How to Buy Ethereum in India
« Reply #4 on: March 23, 2021, 11:56:38 AM »
Have they passed legislation about that?

Not yet and it would be not so easy to pass the law as well, as the officials have already cleared that the use of crypto would not be completely banned in India.


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Re: How to Buy Ethereum in India
« Reply #5 on: March 23, 2021, 01:52:39 PM »
Why is the government of India against cryptocurrencies? Does the positive approach of Pakistan on cryptocurrencies affect the government's attitude? 


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Re: How to Buy Ethereum in India
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2021, 11:37:50 AM »
One can purchase Ethereum by registering on one of the crypto exchange. For Indian jurisdictions, completing KYC and/or anti-money laundering regulations is needed. In addition, the Aadhaar-linked mobile number is needed. To begin trading Ethereum in India, one can protect his or her Ethereum wallet with Google's 2-step verification, after which bank account details must be added. To know more about bitcoin trading, here is an useful article, buy bitcoin in india  :)


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