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Author Topic: I WILL SEND DM TO 100 000+ CRYPTO AUDIENCE ~ TELEGRAM SERVICE  (Read 424 times)


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« on: February 18, 2021, 09:48:54 AM »

One of the most effective options on the market.
I will send a DM message to users that have a connection with Defi or any crypto project U like.
At the moment I have a 500k + base of the crypto audience of Telegram.

It's audience from Dfinity, Polkamarkets, Polkastarter, PancakeSwap, Different Defi projects, Elrond Network, HydraDX, Near, Sushi Swap, and from almost 100 FRESH cryptocurrencies!

What will I do?

You would ask me what I will do with such amount of users?

For example:

I can send them an invitation to your Airdrop, project, website, etc.

I can send them Gif with an invitation, text with pictures, or even video.

I can join them to the bot and after they joined do the second DM to the users that joined the bot.

How much do you charge for it?

1000 DM's - 50$ (test)
10 000 DM's - 500$
100 000+ DM's - 5k$

What do I need to begin?

- The text that will be sent to Users ( it can be gif, video  or picture.)
- Your preferences ( I can send DM's to my base or you can send me the links and I will send messages to users that you provided)

Please get in touch with me on TELEGRAM: @NLManager

or here and I will provide you more information about my services.

Friendly, CoinShark!


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