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Author Topic: My crazy idea. What do you think?  (Read 106 times)


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My crazy idea. What do you think?
« on: February 10, 2021, 12:53:12 PM »
Hello! Peace and goodness!

I want to share with you my crazy idea. I ask you not to throw stones at me or kick me =) Take it lightly, maybe with humor.

I live in a small village with a population of about 70 people. We have problems with work. Many have to go to work, adapt and survive. I will not say that people here are dying of hunger or some other terrible thing. I am not desperate and this is not a cry for help. The main problem is that there is no perspective. But there is a huge potential for this place. There is a lot of land around that is not cultivated. A strong farm can be built here.

An idea was born in my head a long time ago. What will happen if I have the opportunity to buy equipment, build a farm, a fish farm (we have a pond where you can start raising fish), animal husbandry ... There are a lot of areas that can be developed. But this is the first thing. It is only a model, a means to an end. Let's call this the Main Enterprise.

The idea itself is different. All residents get a permanent job and a stable income. But! All the profits of the main enterprise will not go to one person in the pocket, but will be distributed among all participants. Everything will be transparent and accessible to everyone. Everyone can check all financial statements. A general fund will be created, where part of the funds will be saved up for unforeseen expenses, further expansion of the project with the involvement of new participants, etc.

This will be some kind of experiment. People will be able to live and work knowing that they are doing it for themselves, that they are the masters of their own lives. This will not be a super profit for each participant, as for one owner. But this will be 3-4 times more than the usual salary. So this is an opportunity to live in prosperity and comfortably.

No, this is not an attempt to build communism =))))) The market must be free. By and large, the only difference will be that all the benefits will be for all people, and not for one person. Of course, someone will think that this looks like a utopia, that I am a fool or a madman. Perhaps it looks like this. I have talked about this idea with many of my neighbors. And everyone answered me that it would be an ideal society. To be a free person without a master.

Naturally, the whole problem is that it will not appear out of nowhere =) We need funds and not small ones. There are still many small nuances that need to be worked out. For example: People will need to master several professions over time in order to periodically change each other. In order to avoid internal conflicts. But this is all solvable. Many things will be put in their places by the process itself.

Maybe someone did not understand the whole point. It's very simple. Financial relationships, taxes and everything connected with it - everything will remain as it is. We cannot create a state within a state. And it doesn't make sense. There will be only a slight redistribution of values ​​and goals.
Imagine this option. Just for example. You are now working at some enterprise, you have days off, vacations, salaries, everything is as usual. But at the end of the year or quarter (each area has its own cyclicality) they tell you - Our company has earned 1000 coins of net profit. We leave 20% for development, and we divide 80% for all employees. And you are so - Wow! It happens? And in this case, you personally will not just work and do only your part of the work, you will analyze and develop, trying to do it as efficiently and correctly as possible, because you do it for yourself! Of course, I have described all this very briefly. But it will work really well!

I once had the opportunity to talk to a very rich man. I told him my idea. We talked for a long time about how this would all work. And what did I count on? )))) And do you know what he said to me at the end of the conversation? “This is a great project and it will clearly work better than hired workers. But if I put my money into it, what benefit to me? Naturally, I answered him that he can only become a participant or a patron =)

From his point of view, this is a normal question. This is how the world works. But just imagine what a precedent this could be! That it turns out you can live better and more interesting! What if there are 2 fewer super-rich people in the world, but 2,000,000 more wealthy people become more? Of course, I'm exaggerating a little, these are all reflections. But this idea has the essence and common sense. It's just that we are not so used to it.

The most important point. How much will such a project cost? At current rates, this is about 120-150BTC, maybe a little more, maybe 200BTC. The course floats a lot and it's hard to say for sure.

I am writing this here because I know that there are people here who have 10K BTC, 20K BTC and much more. And for them it will not be something great and too expensive, but they can do something great and important! Someone got them not at all expensive and easily.

Yes, all this will not be fast even if you have money. People will have to realize, understand and accept something new. Internal relationships will be rebuilt.

If I manage to raise funds and realize this project, my dream. Trying to make this world a little better. I will write a great work based on a real example, I will definitely draw public attention to a new outlook on life. Ultimately, any state can contribute to real progress and an increase in the standard of living of its citizens.

We live once! I decided for myself that I should at least try to make this world a little better. And everyone can try to do it too. We sing songs to the madness of the brave! =)

You can criticize me, insult me, call me a fool. This is not a problem =) Maybe someone has such an opportunity and he himself wants to implement something similar. It will be great! Maybe this will amuse someone and make them smile, this is no longer a bad thing =)

As I understand there are 2 types of addresses, I did both. Whoever has the opportunity and this person can help me make it happen - a thousand thanks !!! If someone decides to do it himself - Huge Respect to you !!!
Someone can make this topic more famous - Thank you so much!

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You, I = We!


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