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Author Topic: [ANN] PRASAGA - Everything is Possible on the DataGrid  (Read 158 times)


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[ANN] PRASAGA - Everything is Possible on the DataGrid
« on: January 28, 2021, 03:36:07 PM »

Everything is Possible on the DataGrid:

We started our blockchain journey to solve the problems of data exchange between machines…and we learned something game changing along the way — how to take trade between humans to new heights of speed, ease, and security.

We can build a future that is powered by the DataGrid Blockchain. A future where the blockchain network lets us re-imagine our global economy and improve everyone’s quality of life, not just today, but many years into the future.

Over the last three years, we have taken counsel with industry-leading developers and some of the world’s largest solution providers, and we’ve been inspired by the profound ways the DataGrid will accelerate blockchain technology.

Imagine allowing blockchain to reach its full potential, improving identification and voting, financial services and solving hard challenges in supply chain and logistics, in automotive and aeronautics to pharmaceuticals and organic produce. All is possible on the DataGrid.

Get to know Prasaga’s Who, What, and How. And, most importantly, Why.

As we share our vision, we believe it is important not only to document our game-changing discoveries, but to continually engage in sharing the answers we find on our journey to building a better blockchain.

Technical Whitepaper:
Commercial Whitepaper:   
Answers Database:

Community Connections

Prasaga has gathered a collaborative community of developers, miners, and token holders across all social media and platforms.
We all have our favourite digital hangouts, and we at Prasaga want to make it easy to find like-minded community members wherever you are in the world (real or digital).
Imagine what we can accomplish when all of us cooperate to build this shared vision together — whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, or LinkedIn.
Let’s stay connected, and get more done …together.

“Your phone, your computer, and your smartwatch all have operating systems that make it easy to develop for and to use. That’s good. But the Blockchain is hard. We need the Blockchain to be easy. Easy to use. Easy to develop for. Now it is. XBOM is the operating system for the Blockchain, and XBOM makes it easy to develop for and to use the DataGrid Blockchain.”

Michael Holdmann, Prasaga Founder & CEO


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