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Author Topic: Cry for help !!!  (Read 588 times)


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Cry for help !!!
« on: February 06, 2021, 05:31:56 PM »
I live in Russia.
I am disabled 1 gr., I can not work, and there is no place to work in our village for disabled people. I receive an allowance of 12 thousand rubles per month (160$). I saw a program about Bitcoins on TV, they told me how people earned a lot of money by buying bitcoins. I decided to earn a little for retirement, read how you can buy them, it turned out that you can buy quite a bit for my pension - thousandths of bitcoin, and you can't earn anything on this amount, even with the growth of the bitcoin exchange rate, the resulting income will "eat" the interest for entering and withdrawing rubles. I found a way out-trading with the "shoulder". I tried it - it seems nothing complicated, even earned a little. But in order to earn more, you need to make more bets, for this I took a loan (50 thousand rubles (700$) plus invested the entire pension on the stock exchange.

The result is extremely sad, at the next jump in the exchange rate, I had the liquidation of the deposit, I now have no pension and have to pay the loan.

There is no one to help me, there are no relatives.

I understand that I am a fool, but I wanted to get out of the impenetrable poverty, and in the end I drove myself into slavery - there was no money left even for food.

Perhaps someone has the opportunity to help me with a transfer in bitcoins (the wallet number is 1ENsiEHQhptk8AJYBitjeVdSP9TmRMr5h8), there is no point in transferring money to the card, they will be withdrawn to repay the loan.

I would be grateful for any help, at least in a few satoshi.
I will be very grateful for the repost of the message.


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